Box Truck Leasing Cost: Top Leasing Companies

There are so many options on where to lease your box truck that it can be hard to choose which company to use. Luckily I have done some research on where to lease your box truck from. I have made a list of some of the best box truck leasing companies down below.

It costs $295.42 on average to lease a box truck. Wyatt Leasing is one of the more expensive companies to lease a box truck from, charging their clients $1000 a day. On the other hand, U-haul is one of the cheaper options for leasing a box truck charging only $14.95 daily.

As you can see, there are various costs for leasing a box truck depending on which company you choose to work with. That is why you choose the best option for you and your project. Read on to learn about some of the best box truck companies in the United States.

Ryder Box Truck Leasing

Ryder Box Truck Leasing is one of the first results you are going to get on Google when you look up box truck leasing companies. That is because they are a well-respected company that has served its clients well for years. That does not mean it is the best option for you, though.

Ryder Box Truck Leasing has over 500 locations spread across the United States and Canada. Ryder Box Truck Leasing is known for being affordable and reliable. It has had this representation for the 8 decades they have been specializing in leasing box trucks.

Ryder Box Truck Leasing was one of the first companies that gave the option to lease a box truck. They have listed some great reasons why a person should lease instead of trying to own or rent a box truck. Their main argument is that leasing a truck does not require capital outlays, has maintenance included with the contract, you can substitute vehicles, there is intense licensing, safety, and compliance that keeps you from being held too responsible for accidents, and if needed your truck can be replaced and disposed of all by Ryder Box Truck.

On average, a Ryder Box Truck user will spend between $150 to $300 a day to lease a box truck. The reason for the pricing variation is due to the location of the leasing and which model of the box truck is chosen. Overall, these are decent rates for the usage of a box truck.

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Penske Truck Leasing

Penske Rental

Penske is a family-oriented company that leases its box trucks primarily for large moves. Their website sticks with their family-centered brand by advising on how to help your kids prepare for a move. The Penske corporation is concerned about helping you have the calmest and most unproblematic move possible.

Penske has three different box truck sizes to fit your every need. They offer a 26-foot truck, which is their largest truck option. It is suggested to use this truck if you are moving 5-7 rooms.

Their other truck options are a 22-foot truck and a 12-foot truck. The average family should be able to make their move with the 22-foot truck, which can carry around 3-5 rooms. The 12-foot truck is a better option for smaller moves, such as apartment moves.

The best thing about Leasing a Penske Truck is that the average cost to lease through them is from $134 to $200 daily. The price varies depending on what sized box truck you use and how far you travel with your box truck. Still, this is an affordable option for most families.

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Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise Truck Rental has locations across the United States of America to help with your trucking needs. Enterprise Truck Rental has box trucks, but they also have many commercial semi-trucks that can be leased from them. Therefore, if you are unsure whether a box truck is exactly what you are looking for, one of their agents can help you figure out what kind of trucking need you truly have.

Enterprise Truck Rental is a very expansive company. One service they offer is you are allowed to purchase your truck. Therefore, if you want to keep your box truck for other future needs, you can go to Enterprise Truck Rental and buy one of their many high-quality box trucks.

Enterprise Truck Rental understands that traveling to their location might be a challenge for you if you do not live near one of their many locations, and therefore they offer a delivery service. If you are within range of their delivery service, you can hire them to drive the truck to where you want it to go. This is convenient for those who are more concerned with time than money.

Enterprise 26 Box-Truck
Enterprise Box-Truck

Still, if you are concerned with money, Enterprise Truck Rental is a cheap option if you do your own work for yourself. To rent a box truck for a day will cost between $129 to $228 a day. Enterprise Truck Rental does charge a mileage fee from $0.20 to $0.99 per mile driven.

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U haul Sign Rentals

U-Haul is the cheapest option if you need a short-term lease that transports a small amount of cargo. U-Haul is located across the country and has several options for helping you to move. Overall, U-Haul is a very all-inclusive company.

U-Haul understands there are many things needed for a move. This includes things like storage units. Overall, U-Haul is great for college students or those with very few things when they are moving across the country.

U-Haul offers box trucks, but they also offer boxed-in trailers. These boxed trailers allow you to attack the U-Haul trailer to the back of your car, so if you only have one driver, this can be a convenient option. They also offer trailer hitches if your car does not come with a trailer hitch.

U-haul is a very cheap option. To rent for a day can cost as little as $14.95. Of course, though, other service fees and mileage costs come into play, but the average cost of U-Haul is lower than all of the other options mentioned above.

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Now Idealease is slightly different from the previously mentioned box truck leasing companies. Idealease dow lease box trucks, but they only rent their trucks for commercial usage. Now, if you are wanting to commercially lease a box truck, this is a great option for you.

Idealease is specialized in the particular needs large corporations have and understand that they will need their trucks most likely for longer periods of time. Idealease has long-term contracts that companies can sign to ensure they always have a box truck for their needs. These contracts can last from a month to several years.

Idealease is harder to calculate the average cost to use. The main problem with company and pricing is that it is based on your needs, and they have accounted for many different needs. Idealease has used trucks, new trucks, big trucks, and smaller trucks. Idealease also has different contract lengths, so all of these consider their truck leasing cost. Therefore, the best option to figure out how much it would cost to lease with Idealease is to call them and ask for a quote based on your own personal need.

Intek Leasing

Intek Leasing is another good box truck leasing company that has been around for a while. Intek Leasing has been leasing box truck trucking companies since 1986. Their main clientele is commercial truck users, but they allow personal usage if requested.

The main priority of Intek Leasing is speed. If you need a box truck fast, this is the company to use. Most companies need to go through background checks and have you fill out lots of paperwork. Intek Leasing does all the paperwork for you to make sure your truck can get on the road quickly.

The average box truck leasing place will take a few days to get through the paperwork required for your leasing; Intek Leasing, due to its extra services, can give you your box truck in a matter of hours. This can be crucial if you are doing a last-minute project. It also is helpful if you just do not have the time to deal with paperwork for hours.

Due to the extra services, Intek Leasing offers are a bit more costly. On average, using them will cost you around $700 a day. This is expensive, but if you want great service, the price may be worth it.

Wyatt Leasing

Wyatt Leasing

Wyatt Leasing is a rural truck rental company. Wyatt Leasing specializes in commercial equipment leasing for businesses of all sizes. They offer not only box trucks but tractors and other farming equipment.

This company works with farmers, construction contractors, trucking companies, and manufacturers. This is a large range of corporations that have insight into their industry. Therefore, if you are in any form of commercial work, Wyatt Leasing might be a great choice for you.

Wyatt Leasing also understands that new businesses may be unable to afford their fees and offers loans to people who qualify. They have same-day 24-hour approval, so if you are in a rush, their financial service will not leave you hanging. There is also no application fee, which can benefit those who are truly struggling to make ends meet.

Due to their multitude of services and their commercial nature, it will typically cost you anywhere from $800 to $1,000 to lease through Wyatt Leasing. This is a bit pricy, but Wyatt is a very personal business, so you will never be left in a mess by them. You can trust Wyatt to help you with all of your box trucking needs.

MHC Kenworth

MHC Kenworth
MHC Kenworth

MHC Kenworth is another commercial truck leasing company. They offer full-service leases, which means less worry for you and your business. MHC Kenworth’s main goal is to take as much stress off your mind as possible.

MHC Kenworth’s full-service lease program offers many services. With one call, you can get as many trucks as you need to go where you need with MHC Kenworth’s own staff members who will take care of all the business processes, regulatory compliance, and maintenance procedures related to operating a truck.

Of course, due to all the factors involved with leasing through MHC Kenworth, there is no set average cost. Your contract with MHC Kenworth is going to be dependent on your typical need and which kind of box truck you want to use. Therefore, the best way to get pricing is to call MHC Kenworth and ask for an estimate based on your own personal need.

Potomac Truck Leasing

Potomac Truck Leasing
Potomac Truck Leasing

Potomac Truck Leasing has a range of trucks you can choose between if you are not sold completely on the box truck idea. Yet, if you are, Potomac Truck Leasing has several different kinds of box trucks you can choose between. Overall, Potomac Truck Leasing knows a lot about trucks and can help you find the right truck for whatever job you have for it.

Potomac Truck Leasing has two body lengths for their box trucks which gives you options to pick between. They have a 22′ and a 26′ box truck. This means Potomac Truck Leasing is prepared for all of your cargo sizes.

Potomac Truck Leasing is very environmentally conscious. Their trucks are all eco-tested to ensure they are not releasing too much gasoline to hurt the environment. They also offer short-term and long-term leases. They understand that not all needs are long term and they hope this encourages shorter usage of their trucks to help keep the planet green.

On average, rent from Potomac Truck Leasing will cost around $139.99 a day. This is a great price for a trucking lease company. Therefore if you are looking for a cheap company Potomac has your back.

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