Enterprise Truck Rental: What You Need To Know Before Renting

Do you need to move a lot of stuff around? If it’s a short trip, Enterprise Truck Rental might be a good choice for you. Before you choose Enterprise, though, here are some things you should know.

Before renting from Enterprise, be sure to select the vehicle, moving supplies, and insurance products that fit the job. Driving a truck is a lot different from driving a car. Drivers must be established beforehand, and age restrictions apply to drivers under age 25.

Let’s go into the factors you should understand before renting from Enterprise. By the end, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether Enterprise is a good choice for your moving job.

Enterprise Truck Rental

What Is an Enterprise Truck Rental?

You’ve got a lot of stuff to move, but you don’t have a personal vehicle big enough to move it all in one go. That’s when you know you need to rent a moving truck.

Enterprise Truck Rental is a branch of Enterprise that offers rental trucks and vans for moving cargo locally, whether for personal or business use. You can’t use it for a long-distance move because you have to return the vehicle to the same place that you picked it up, but it can be a solid choice for local moves.

Enterprise is available in all U.S. states and Puerto Rico, with locations in each state except Vermont and Wyoming. It’s also available in Canada.

Services Offered by Enterprise Truck Rental

Now, while you can rent a truck from Enterprise Truck Rental, moving is more complicated than just having the right vehicle for the job. Enterprise offers a couple of other services to help you make your move as smooth as possible.

Towing Permissions

If you need to tow something, first make sure that your rental agreement will permit towing. This might not be possible with a cargo van or box truck; the 3/4 and 1-ton pickup trucks can allow towing. The towing capabilities depend on the make and model of the truck.

Towing permissions may come at an extra charge and may not be available at all locations.

Moving and Packing Supplies

Having the space to move your stuff is one thing, but getting it into that space and keeping it safe there is another. Because of that, Enterprise also has the gear to help with the details of the move. You can use their hand trucks to move heavy boxes and then use moving pads and cargo straps to cushion and secure them, protecting your stuff from falls, scratches, and dirt.

Depending on your location, you can also get boxes, tape, stretch wrap, and other moving supplies to help pack up the smaller stuff.

Enterprise Truck Rental Options

One of the main advantages of Enterprise is the variety of options they offer. They’ve got pickup trucks, cargo vans, box trucks, and stakebed trucks, all in various sizes. You only need to do two things: figure out which is right for your job and then find one available near you.

Pickup Trucks

A pickup truck could do the job if you’re doing a project, need to tow, or only need to move a small amount of stuff.

Enterprise offers four types of pickups:

Truck OptionsSeatingPayload CapacityBed SizeTowing Capable
Standard PickupUp to 5 People1,800 lbs6′ Truck BedsNo
1/2 Ton Pickup3-6 Person2,000 lbs6′-8′ Truck BedsNo
3/4 Ton Pickup3-6 Person4,000 lbs6′-8′ Truck BedsYes
1 Ton Pickup3-6 Person6,000 lbs6′-8′ Truck BedsYes
*Actual cubic feet and payload may vary by year, make, model and location.

The Standard & 1/2-ton pickups are prohibited from towing, but the 3/4 and the 1-ton pickup are towing capable, with a receiver hitch. All trucks are 2-wheel drive, with locations available with 4-wheel drive trucks.

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Cargo Vans

If you’re only looking to move a small amount of stuff (as far as moving goes), then a cargo van could be the right choice. Enterprise has a variety of cargo vans:

Van OptionsSeatingPayload CapacityInterior DimensionsCubic Feet 
Compact Cargo Van2 Person1,480 lbs83″L x 48″W x 52″H123 ft³
Cargo Van2 Person3,700 lbs126″L x 55″W x 56″H260 ft³
High Roof Cargo Van2 Person3,700 lbs143″L x 55″W x 76″H345 ft³
Heavy Duty XL Cargo Van2 Person3,950 lbs143″L x 55″W x 56″H254 ft³
Heavy Duty Cargo Van2 Person4,080 lbs126″L x 55″W x 56″H224 ft³
*Actual cubic feet and payload may vary by year, make, model and location.

With Cargo van payload capacities ranging from 1480 to 4080 pounds. If your load fits somewhere between those dimensions, then you should be able to find a van that’s nearly perfect for the job.

Box Trucks

A standard move usually begs a box truck for the job. With Enterprise’s selection of trucks, you can get very specific with how much space you need. They’ve got trucks in 15 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet, and 26 feet. All but a few 15-foot trucks have a truck-under lift gate and three-person seating.

Enterprise box truck selection:

Box Truck SizeSeatingPayload CapacityBox DimensionsFuelRamp/Lift
15′ Parcel Van2 Person5,000 lbs15’L x 96″W x 84″HGas Ramp
15′-16′ Parcel Van 2 Person4,300 lbs16’L x 96″W x 84″HGasLift Gate
16′ Cabover Truck3 Person7,500 lbs16’L x 96″W x 90″HDieselLift Gate
20′ Box Truck 3 Person10,000 lbs20’L x 101″W x 101″HDieselLift Gate
24′ Box Truck 3 Person10,000 lbs26’L x 102″W x 102″HDieselLift Gate
26′ Box Truck3 Person10,000 lbs26’Lx 102″W x 102″HDieselLift Gate
*Actual cubic feet and payload may vary by year, make, model and location.

The 24 & 26-foot trucks come with tuck-under lift gates, rear roll-up doors, wood tie-slats, and E-track to help secure your cargo. These trucks will require diesel fuel. For these trucks, some states or provincial laws may require a certain class or category of license. You will have to check with your state or province for more details.

Stakebed Trucks

Stakebed trucks are like flatbed pickup trucks but with a fence around the bed to keep the cargo in place. When you have a lot of cargo that doesn’t need a lot of protection from the elements, a stakebed truck could do the job.

Enterprise’s stakebed trucks come in four lengths:

Stakebed Truck SizeSeatingPayload CapacityBed DimensionsFuelLift Gate
12′ Stakebed Truck2-5 Person5,300 lbs12’L x 96″W DieselNo
16′ Stakebed Truck3 Person6,000 lbs16’L x 96″W DieselYes
20′ Stakebed Truck2 Person10,250 lbs20’L x 96″W DieselYes
24′ Stakebed Truck3 Person10,000 lbs24’L x 96″W DieselYes
*Actual cubic feet and payload may vary by year, make, model and location.

You can’t expect every location to have the right stakebed for the job, though if it’s a frequent enough job for your area, such as moving hay, then they might keep it to meet the demand.

How to Rent a Truck From Enterprise Truck Rental

enterprise trucks reservation Steps

Step 1

To rent a truck from Enterprise Truck Rental, the first thing you will need to do is make a reservation online. On this webpage, you will first specify your pick-up location. The easiest way to do that is to type in your zip code or postal code. The text bar will drop down some possibilities, and you will need to select the right one. It might not work with just the numbers.

Step 2

Then, select the dates and times of your pick-up and return. Click on the box with the date and select the day on the calendar that you want. If the date is a bluish color, then the location is closed on that day. The default reservation is three days, but it’s simple to adjust.

Step 3

Then, specify whether you are using the truck for personal or business use. If you have a promo code, put that in. After that put in whether or not you’re older than 25. If you’re younger than 21, you will need to call them to see if you can make a reservation. Choose your preferred vehicle type, and you’ll be on to the next step.

Step 4

With your trip details in place, it’s time to choose the location to pick up the vehicle. When you do, keep in mind that mileage fees will usually apply, so be aware of the miles you’ll put on the vehicle if you rent from a given location. You can choose your location from a list or a map, and you can compare the various locations’ hours in this step.

Enterprise reservation location step

Step 5

When you choose a location, you’ll see which vehicles are available from that location during the times you chose earlier. At this step, you can see quotes for each available vehicle for the trip you detailed, though it doesn’t include the miles. If you see the vehicle you want, but it’s not available, you can call the number to see when it will be available.

If the vehicle you want isn’t listed for that location, try going back and choosing a different location. Because vehicles must be returned to the same location, each location has its own vehicles. I recommend getting several different quotes from other companies to find the best deal for you.

Enterprise Truck Rental Truck Prices

Enterprise Truck International

Rental truck prices usually aren’t as simple as a flat rate based on how long you rent it, and Enterprise is no exception. Several factors influence the ultimate cost of your rental.

When you make your reservation, you will get a quote based on your trip details. You can use this section to determine whether the reservation you want is a good deal.

Price Per Day

The biggest factor is still the price per day. $129 per day is the average, but it can be anywhere from $89 to $228. This price mostly depends on the size of the vehicle that you’re renting. A small cargo van will cost a lot less per day than a 26-foot box truck.

This is the basic rental rate for renting the truck, but it’s not the final charge.

Enterprise-Price-Per-Day-Mileage-Fee 1

Mileage Fee

Along with the daily rent, you’ll pay for the miles you put on the vehicle. This rate will vary based on your location. The average is $0.33 per mile, ranging from $0.20 to $0.99 per mile.

Some vehicles might only start charging the mileage fee after a certain number of miles. Sometimes it’s 300 miles. Other times its 150 miles, and it may vary beyond that.


You may also want some protection products and services in case of an accident. Enterprise doesn’t offer insurance for your cargo, but they do offer insurance for damage, liability protections, and medical expenses related to an accident.

The Damage Waiver is a daily charge that that lessens your responsibility for the damage to or loss of the vehicle.

Supplemental Liability Protections is a daily charge that essentially gives you liability insurance in case you’re involved in a crash that damages someone else’s property.

Personal Accident insurance is a daily charge that provides medical benefits in the event of a crash. That includes accident medical expenses and ambulance expenses, and it doesn’t count against other medical insurance that you have.

You can also get Roadside Assistance Protection, which offers 24/7 roadside assistance without charging you for it. They can replace your lost keys, provide lockout service, and jumpstarts. If you get a flat tire, they can either replace it with an inflated spare or tow the vehicle, though you’ll need to cover the tire replacement. They can also deliver up to 3 gallons of fuel.

Other Factors

Your rental cost will depend on a few other things that are a little harder to define or more variable. These factors include your book date and move date, the services you add on, your pick-up location, and your age.

Your book date and move date matter because prices vary throughout the year. You might find that your move lines up with a promotion and get a discount, or you may be able to book your vehicle during a promotion, even if your move happens after it’s over.

The services you can add on are towing permissions and moving supplies. These may come with extra charges.

Your pick-up location may also change the cost of your rent: some places charge more than others, even if it’s just the next location over. The vehicles are meant for local use, though, so you may find it tricky to find a better price in a different location because you’ll need to factor in the mileage fee.

Your age is also an important factor. In most states, you have to be over 21 to rent. If you’re under 21 but over 18, you can still rent if you’re in New York or Michigan. However, there is a Young Renter fee for renters under 25.

Discounts From Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise doesn’t have many discounts available, but you may be able to find one, depending on the time of year. Enterprise sometimes offers promotions during certain parts of the year that will let you get a better deal on your move.

You may also be able to find promo codes through a promo code tool such as Honey or Capital One Shopping. The simplest way is if you have one of those tools installed on your browser, but you can also search their sites directly to see if they have any promo codes for Enterprise Truck Rental.

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