Enterprise 26-Foot Truck Dimensions | Height Width Length

When you need to move, you need to rent a moving truck if you want to move all of your things in 1-2 trips. However, before you rent a moving truck, you need to know the dimensions of the truck. So, what are the dimensions of the Enterprise 26-foot truck?

The Enterprise 26-foot truck is 26 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 8.5 feet tall. It is the largest truck in the Enterprise fleet. This truck is best used for moving a large family home. The truck can carry a maximum load of 10000 pounds and comes with an attached ramp and built-in cargo straps.

While it might seem like a big investment to rent a truck this large, with proper preparation, this rental can end up saving you time and money. Here are some things that you should know about Enterprise and the largest truck in their fleet, including whether or not it is the right choice for your next move.

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Overall Truck Size Dimensions

The first thing that you are going to want to know about the Enterprise 26-foot Truck is what the overall dimensions are. The overall dimensions of the Enterprise 26-foot truck are undefined. I called Enterprise, and they were unable to help me find the overall length of the vehicle. It is assumed to be longer than 26 feet while being 8.5 feet wide and another 8.5 feet tall at its highest point. The overall dimensions are useful to understand for a few different reasons.

The overall reason why the vehicle dimensions are important to understand is so you can plan where you will park the vehicle and your driving route. The first thing that you should consider is where you can put this 26-foot-long truck once you rent it. Most driveways are not long enough to hold a 26-foot-long vehicle. It might be possible to park it on the side of the street, but it is best to look at and measure the area beforehand. If it isn’t possible to fit the vehicle in the allotted space, it is best to look into renting a smaller moving truck.

Another important reason why it is important to know about the dimensions of the vehicle is to ensure that the vehicle will fit under tunnels, overpasses, and street signs while you are driving. If your moving truck is too tall to fit in certain areas, you will have to find an alternative driving route unless you want to pay for the top of the truck to be repaired.

What Are the Features That Come With the Enterprise 26-Foot Truck?

Enterprise 26 Box-Truck
Enterprise 26 Box-Truck

Before you rent this truck, you likely want to know what features it has. Here are the features that come in every 26-foot Enterprise truck.

  • 10,000-pound payload
  • 3 person seating in the truck cab
  • Lift gate that tucks under the trailer
  • Tie slats and e-tracks to secure items in storage
  • Automatic transmission
  • High Efficiency, EPA-approved Diesel engine
  • Air conditioning
  • AM/FM radio

Box Dimensions and What Can Fit Inside

Another important thing to consider is what the box dimensions are and what can fit inside the truck. The box of an Enterprise 26-foot truck is 8-5 feet wide and 8.5 feet tall. The length of the box is 26 feet.

The Enterprise 26-foot truck has almost 1900 cubic feet of storage area.

While it is nice to know that you have about 1900 cubic feet of storage space to work with while renting this truck, it can be difficult to understand what that really means and apply it. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to estimate the total storage area that you will need to move everything in your home.

The first method that you can use is the room method. All of the items found in an average room will take up to around 250 cubic feet. Since this model of Enterprise truck has 1800 cubic feet of storage space, you can expect to fit just over 7 rooms worth of items in the back of this truck.

This makes this truck ideal for a family moving out of a 2 or 3-bedroom home. Keep in mind that this is an estimate based on how many items are found in a room.

Another way that you can estimate how much space you are going to need is by using common objects as a reference to how much space each item will take up. Moving boxes take up anywhere from 1-5 cubic feet of space. Smaller objects can be gathered and organized into these boxes to estimate size, while larger objects can be compared to the box to estimate their rough cubic area.

Keep in mind that, realistically, it isn’t a big deal if you run out of room in your moving truck unless you are moving far away. If you run out of room in your moving truck, you can always make multiple trips to finish moving all of your things.

Deck and Loading Ramp Height

An Enterprise 26-foot truck will likely have a deck height that is considered standard. The exact deck height of this truck is unknown, as when I called Enterprise, they were unable to give me an answer.

However, the vehicle will not have a loading ramp. Instead, these vehicles have a thing called a tuck-under lift gate. This is a machine attached to your vehicle that will act like an elevator. Once the vehicle is stopped and the gate is activated, there will be a platform that will lift you to the deck of the truck. This is useful because people can put furniture on the platform and have it do the heavy lifting for them. In some ways, Enterprise made it easier to move furniture and items into the vehicle by installing a lift gate instead of a loading ramp.

Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight

The maximum gross vehicle weight of an Enterprise 26-foot truck is 25,999 pounds. This is simply the starting weight. It can handle up to an additional 10,000 pounds of weight. Overall, the maximum weight of the vehicle is 35,999 pounds.

It is not suggested that you attempt to fill the truck until the maximum weight capacity is reached because the heavier the vehicle is, the more drag the vehicle will have and the harder it will be to maneuver safely. It will also make it hard to get the truck up to highway speeds. It is important to remember the heavier the vehicle, the more gas will be consumed.

Towing Capacity

This vehicle is unable to tow other vehicles or items. This means that if you have multiple vehicles, you will need to ensure that there are enough people to drive them to your final destination when you move.

However, because of the size of this vehicle, you likely won’t need to tow a trailer behind it, as it will suit your moving needs. This means that you likely won’t need to tow anything behind this vehicle, so the lack of towing ability doesn’t matter very much.

Height Clearance

The height clearance of an Enterprise 26-foot truck is 8.5 feet. This is relatively smaller than other trucks this length, so it will likely be able to fit under most signs and in most tunnels that you will encounter while driving. Hopefully, this will make planning your driving route much easier and less stressful.

What Are the Costs of Renting and Driving an Enterprise 26-Foot Truck?

Enterprise rentals truck store Front

While one of the things that you need to consider when renting a large truck is whether it helps you to accomplish your needs, you also need to consider how much it will cost to rent that truck. We have broken down the costs of renting the largest truck in the Enterprise fleet to help you see if this is the truck for you.

There are a couple of costs that you will need to plan for when renting the 26-foot truck from Enterprise. These costs can be broken down into a couple of different categories. We will call these categories rental costs, operating costs, and insurance costs. To help you understand what each of these costs will look like, we will explain how Enterprise sets up its rental process, as well as provide you with an estimate for each of these costs.

The first cost that you need to consider is how much it costs to rent this 26-foot truck per day. Enterprise charges a fee to rent any of their truck on a per-day basis. This is the first cost that you will want to determine when deciding whether to rent this truck from Enterprise. It costs about $200 per day to rent a 26-foot Enterprise truck.

While this might seem very expensive, you have to remember that you can fit a lot of things inside a truck this large and that you are unlikely to rent a truck of this size for more than a day at a time. While the cost of renting a 26-foot truck from Enterprise might change depending on where you live, the model of the truck, and your age (younger renters may be charged more), you should expect to pay around $200 for each day of renting an Enterprise 26-foot Truck.

The next cost that you need to consider is the smaller costs of driving the truck. The more you drive this truck, the more you will pay. This comes in two different forms, with the first being a per-mile fee. Enterprise typically charges 25 cents per mile driven with their trucks. This is because their trucks are intended for local moves, so if you plan to move between cities or even between states, you will need to plan your driving route carefully so you can budget accordingly.

Another thing to keep in mind when renting a 26-foot Enterprise truck is that you will have to ensure that the gas tank is full when you return it to Enterprise. Trucks of this size typically get up to 13 miles per gallon, but that will change depending on how fast you are driving, how bad the traffic is, and the weight of the cargo in this truck.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting this Truck

Before renting this truck, keep in mind that you have to return the Enterprise truck to the Enterprise location that you originally rented it from. This is extremely inconvenient if you are moving to a different city or state, as it extends the amount of time you will have to rent the truck and increases the per-mile cost that you will have to pay.

When driving a 26-foot Enterprise truck, leave plenty of room between the front of the truck and the other cars on the road. It will take longer than you might expect to stop the truck completely, so give yourself plenty of time to stop. You will also have to make extremely wide turns while driving this truck, so turn slowly.

It will also take longer than you might expect to get up to speed, especially if the cargo area of this truck is completely full. Allow other cars to pass you.

While driving this truck, your blind spots will be larger than normal. Signal before you change lanes and check for cars multiple times before changing lanes.

Luckily, you do not have to have a Commercial Driver’s Licence (CDL) in order to drive this truck, as it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Overall, the 26-foot Enterprise truck is a large truck that will suit your moving needs if you are moving out of a home with 2-3 bedrooms. This truck has a relatively large weight capacity, which means that you won’t have to worry very much about exceeding the weight capacity. If you think that all of your items will cause the weight capacity to be exceeded, make multiple trips to prevent damaging the vehicle.

If you want to rent a 26-foot Enterprise truck, call your local Enterprise store or book a rental online.

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