What U-Haul Cargo Trailer Fits A Queen Mattress?

When renting a cargo trailer or moving van, you’ll want to find the right one that is going to fit what you need to move. Nobody wants to have to make that trip of shame to return their trailer after finding out one of their items won’t fit inside it, so we are here to help!

A queen-sized mattress, box spring, and bed frame will each be able to fit inside both a medium-sized U-Haul cargo trailer and a large-sized trailer. The medium trailer is 5 feet by 10 feet in dimensions, and the large trailer is 6 feet by 12 feet, large enough to accommodate a queen bed.

To learn more about the dimensions of each U-Haul Cargo trailer and what you’ll be able to fit in them, continue reading!

What cargo trailer fits a queen-sized mattress?

U Haul Trailer Weights by Trailer Type

When it comes to renting a U-Haul branded cargo trailer, you can fit your queen-sized mattress, the box spring, and the bed frame of your queen bed in the trailers that are marked as medium size or large. You’ll also be able to fit the queen bed in a trailer or van with the same dimensions as the large and medium U-Haul trailers.

If you choose to go for the medium-sized U-Haul cargo trailer, which has dimensions of 5 feet by 8 feet, you’ll be able to fit your queen bed and mattress inside, but it may be a bit of a tight squeeze, or you may have to put it in at an angle, depending on how thick the mattress is. While the medium-sized trailer is cheaper to rent than the large one, you may not have much room for the other large items that you need to haul, so you’ll have to make extra trips between your old and new home.

If you rent the large trailer, which has dimensions of 6 feet by 12 feet, you’ll be able to easily fit your queen bed and mattress, plus several other furniture items and boxes. If you choose not to rent a U-Haul trailer, you can rent any cargo trailer or moving van that has similar dimensions to this large trailer and you can rest assured that your bed will be able to fit and be transported easily.

What can I fit inside a small-sized cargo trailer?

If you rent a small-sized U-Haul cargo trailer, or another branded cargo trailer or van with the same dimensions of 4 feet by 8 feet, you won’t be able to fit your queen bed inside. Instead, you can fit a regular twin-sized bed, a small sofa or recliner, a small dresser, boxes, and other small items and cargo. It also fits children’s bedding and cribs, as well as some kitchen furniture and appliances. It’s great for large items that are small but heavy, because the floor sits low to the ground, making loading and unloading easy.

It’s also easy to tow because it is so lightweight, to begin with, and you won’t be able to fit much inside it so driving with it will be smooth and gentle. It has a maximum towing load of 1,650 pounds, and the interior has up to 142 cubic feet of storage, which is just enough storage to load up all the items in a child or teen’s small bedroom. It’s perfect the perfect size for a young adult moving from home to a college dorm.

What else can I fit inside a medium-sized cargo trailer?

The 5 feet by 8 feet medium-sized cargo trailer is the smallest U-Haul trailer you can fit a queen mattress and bed inside, and it can fit larger items and more items than the small trailer. Its dimensions are also enough to accommodate a full-size bed. You can fit everything you’ll be able to fit inside the small trailer, plus more, such as small couches, dining room furniture, a square kitchen table and chairs, several boxes, televisions and computers, and some appliances. It’s great for couples or small families who don’t have a ton of large items to move, and you can fit everything from your small living space inside.

What else can I fit inside a large cargo trailer?

The large U-Haul cargo trailer, with dimensions of 6 feet by 12 feet, can fit a queen bed and mattress, plus much more. It’s able to haul up to 2,500 pounds of cargo and has a volume of up to 396 cubic footage, so you can fit multiple rooms of furniture. It will be heavier to pull, and because it’s long and wide, it will be more difficult to maneuver, but with a bit of practice, you’ll get to your destination easily. You can fit large pieces of furniture, including entertainment centers, small sectional couches (divided up), dining tables, large dressers and desks, and more.

Just be sure that all your heaviest items are loaded in the front of the trailer, closest to where it hitches to the back of your truck, to ensure better control over the trailer while driving. If you’re looking for a trailer that can haul nearly everything in an apartment or small home, plus some items in the bed of the truck towing the trailer, this will be the perfect size trailer for most furniture and items in your living space.

What cargo trailer fits a king-sized mattress?

With a bit of a tight squeeze, your king-sized mattress will be able to fit in the 6-foot by 12-foot cargo trailer, the largest cargo trailer available by U-Haul. Your mattress will take up a large portion of the trailer’s interior volume, so you may have to take more than one trip to move all of your stuff to your new home. If you want to be able to move your king-sized mattress plus all the rest of your stuff, you may need to rent a large U-Haul truck, which has much more space inside for all of your furniture and belongings.

U-Haul’s largest truck, which has dimensions of 26 feet in length and 8 feet in width and height, has enough volume space inside to move all the items in a large family home with 3 to 5 bedrooms. The webpage for the truck claims you can fit up to 3 king-sized mattresses, a large sectional sofa, and much more. There is space above the cabin to store fragile items to keep them safe from shifting and being damaged by other items, a great added feature that is not prevalent in regular towable cargo trailers.

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