Are There U-Haul AAA Discounts Available?

When moving from one home to another, you will have the option of which company you want to use to move your stuff. This can be expensive, so you will want to find some kind of discount to save a few bucks. So, does U-Haul give AAA members discounts?

U-Haul doesn’t offer discounts for American Automobile Association (AAA) members. With a U-Haul truck costing anywhere from $250 to $550 per day of use, the total can quickly add up without any kind of discount. However, U-Haul doesn’t offer AAA or military discounts.

While U-Haul doesn’t offer either military or AAA membership discounts, it does have a few occasional discounts. Along with that, there are a variety of different moving companies that do offer discounts for AAA, and I will cover all of these, along with just how much both U-Haul and AAA are going to cost.

Cost of U-Hauls

U haul Sign Rentals

When you see U-Hauls on the road, you will see them advertised for just $19.95, which is very cheap for any sort of moving truck. However, is that the actual cost of U-Hauls?

Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the truth when it comes to just a small local move, you might be fortunate in that you will pay close to that $19.95; however, doing anything more, those local moves are going to start being expensive.

In order to find how much renting a moving truck will be for your move, you can look at UHaul’s website to get the estimate. To rent the smallest U-Haul truck for 4 days and nearly 1,000 miles, it is going to cost about $1,032. This truck is recommended just for a studio apartment or 1 bedroom apartment. The largest truck, a 26-foot truck meant for 3-5 bedroom homes, will cost you $2,172 for this trip.

Your option if you don’t want to drive a truck yourself is to use a moving container, which unfortunately will cost even more at a starting price of $2,283.95. And all of these prices are often the low end and will have some other add-ons, so expect it to be a bit expensive if you rent a U-Haul truck while moving.

Cost of AAA

With over 60 million members throughout the United States and Canada, the American Automobile Association is an extremely popular club that offers various services. The services that you have access to are determined by the type of membership you have, with the highest being the Premier membership, which costs $119.99 a year. The other memberships cost $59.99 a year and $94.99 a year.

The highest level of membership includes 200-mile work of towing, bicycle towing, RV and motorcycle towing, emergency fuel delivery, AAA battery service, identity theft monitoring from AAA Identity Champion, $150 of locksmith reimbursement, a one-day car rental included with the towing, $50 toward windshield repair, and a variety of car and flight coverage benefits.

The lower costing memberships offer a variety of benefits as well; however, the premium membership offers the most benefits. Along with the listed benefits on the site, oftentimes, having an AAA membership will let you receive discounts at places like moving companies.

Discounts Offered by U-Haul

U-Haul as a company does not have standard discounts for students, veterans, military, seniors, or AAA members. It occasionally offers discounts, specials, and coupons, but they are not always available. This is in stark contrast to many other companies like Penske, Ryder, and Home Depot, yet since U-Haul has a slightly better price than many companies, it can often be favored by movers.

Currently, U-Haul is running a discount for those moving from the midwest to the west. However, this is just an example of how specific and limiting some of the discounts U-Haul offers are. Along with that, you can typically find some sort of discount or coupon to help save you a bit of money on your move.

Other Moving Companies Costs and Discounts


When it comes to doing that previously mentioned 4-day, 1,000-mile move, if you go with Penske you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,400 to nearly $5,000 for your trip. This is using the largest, 26-foot moving truck, meaning that this is the most expensive option, but Penske is slightly more expensive than U-Haul.

However, Penske is big on discounts. The company offers discounts to military personnel (10%), AAA members (12%), and newbies (20%). You can also find the occasions other discounts or coupons to help you save even more if you look for them.


When it comes to using a Ryder truck, you can expect to start off with a base pay of around $138 per day for the largest Ryder truck. This means for the 4-day trip, you can expect to pay $552, which is far cheaper than the other companies. However, this is before adding on the price of things like rental insurance and other factors.

Fortunately, Ryder offers discounts for both AAA membership and for military service. Both of these discounts will help save you an additional 10% off your rental price.

Budget Rent a Car

Unfortunately, Budget Rent a Car is the most expensive option that we have covered so far. In order to do the 4-day, 1,000-mile trip in the largest available truck, you can look forward to spending about $5,499. This also includes the cost of things like rental insurance and other features, but fortunately, it does have a 10% discount for AAA members.

Home Depot

Home Depot rental
Home Depot rental

If you are looking to try and get a rental truck from Home Depot, you are going to be getting a far smaller moving truck than if you rented a truck from one of the other listed companies. Unfortunately, you are going to be paying far more for the amount of space you are getting. For the smaller truck and the same trip, you will have to pay about $556 total. Fortunately, Home Depot does offer discounts to AAA members, military personnel, and college students.

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