U-Haul 15-Foot Moving Truck: Rental Price, Dimensions, & Gas Mileage

Moving can be a pain, whether to a new house down the block or across the country. The 15-foot U-Haul moving truck is one of the most popular methods to move items, small and large. This is because U-Haul trucks tend to be much cheaper than hiring a whole moving crew, even though it might require you to do the work yourself, but how much does it cost to rent a 15-foot U-Haul truck?

When renting a U-Haul 15-ft moving truck, the price starts at $29.95 per rental, in addition to the cost of gas. The truck takes unleaded fuel with a tank size of 40 gallons and gets 10 miles to the gallon. The inside dimensions are 15′ x 7’8″ x 2’7″, and the truck can tow up to 10,000 pounds.

This size truck is guaranteed to fit your 1 to 2-bedroom home and will likely fit into your budget. We have all the information you need to know, so keep reading to find out all the details about the U-Haul 15-foot moving truck and the factors that go into renting one.

15-Foot U-Haul Rental Price

15' U-Haul Truck

The rental price for one of these vehicles varies on the move. It starts at only $29.95; however, that will not be the final cost. For example, you must consider additional fees like mileage, liability insurance, fuel costs, environmental fees, and taxes. All these elements added up will give you your final price.

Local Moves

Moving locally is typically more affordable with U-Hauls. While the renting rate starts at $29.95, on top of the extra charges will be a mileage fee that ranges from $0.59 to $0.99 per mile. If the U-Haul is returned with an empty tank, you also must pay a gas-refill charge.

After added fees and making a local, one-way move, your cost will be around $124.95 more than the initial $29.95.

Long-Distance Moves

For long-distance moves, it gets more expensive to rent a 15-foot U-Haul truck. This is mainly due to gas prices since the fees don’t drastically change if you’re driving a long distance.

Say you are moving from New York to Florida. You will drive roughly 1,365 miles, taking into account small detours/rest areas. Moving a 2-bedroom home with a 15-foot U-Haul will cost around $2,551.

Luckily, one-way rentals that are long-distance can be dropped off at a U-Haul location that’s closest to you, so you won’t have to bring it back to the location you rented it from.

15-Foot U-Haul Dimensions

15-Foot U-Haul Dimensions

This specific size U-Haul is one of the most common sizes to rent and is meant for moving a household of 2 bedrooms or less.

Listed below are all the dimensions of a 15-foot U-Haul truck:

  • Inside (L x W x H): 15′ x 7’8″ x 7’2″
  • Mom’s attack (L x W x H): 2’6″ x 7’8″ x 2’7″
  • Deck height from the ground: 33″
  • Door opening (W x H): 7’3″ x 6’5″
  • Loading ramp width: 2’2″
  • Max load: 6,385 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight: 14,500 lbs. max
  • Empty weight: 8,115 lbs.
  • Towing capacity: Up to 10,000 lbs
  • Volume: 764 cubic ft.

Other features include:

  • Large, spacey seating that fits 3 adults
  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Airbags
  • AM/FM radio
  • Disc brakes

What can fit in this U-Haul?

In a 15-foot U-Haul truck, you can fit a one-bedroom home or a 2-bedroom apartment. If you are unsure of which size U-Haul to use, keep reading.

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15-Foot U-Haul Gas Mileage

This vehicle takes unleaded fuel and has a tank size of 40 gallons. The average fuel mileage is 10 miles per gallon, indicating that a full tank can take you about 400 miles. Something to consider is that the miles per gallon number are estimated based on ideal driving conditions. Different conditions can affect the MPG like driving load, road grades, weather, and vehicle speed.

Although towing your household belongings requires more force and consumes more fuel, these vehicles have fuel-efficient V8 engines that help them stay affordable.

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How to Know What Size U-Haul You Need

Miles Does a U-Haul Truck

U-Hauls come in different sizes and offer a 10-foot, 15-foot, 17-foot, 20-foot, and 26-foot truck rental. In order to find out which size will best suit your needs, start by going through your home and making a list of all your major pieces of furniture. This should include larger items such as beds, dressers, and everything that doesn’t fit in a box. Doing this will give you a good idea as to what size you need.

If you are willing to do that math, you can use this list and put numbers into an online calculator to find out from cubic feet. You could also use approximation and calculate it, allowing 150-200 cubic feet per truck space per fully furnished room.

Some other factors to keep in mind are whether your move is local or long distance. If you’re moving close by, for example, you might want to pack fewer items and put them loosely in the U-haul, requiring more space in the back of the truck.

Bedroom Numbers:

Based on the number of bedrooms, this is one of the simplest ways to choose the size of your rental. This is based on the typical furniture items that are in people’s rooms. If you are on the edge of two different rental sizes, it’s always safer to rent the bigger truck.

According to U-Haul, this is a general guide to help you choose your truck based on the number of bedrooms your home has:

Number of Bedrooms: U-Haul Truck Size:
Studio apartment Cargo Van to 10-foot moving truck
2 bedrooms or less15-foot moving truck
2 to 3 bedrooms20-foot moving truck
At least 4 bedrooms26-foot moving truck

What U-Haul Also Provides


  • Clean, dry, secure facilities
  • Open seven days a week and on holidays
  • 24-hour access at almost every location
  • Climate control behavior
  • Payments are online, and no deposits
  • Storage insurance
  • One-month free self-storage
  • Moving and storage containers/boxes


  • Packing materials
  • Car, cargo, and utility trailers for towing
  • Low & wide ramp for easy access
  • Dual mirrors on trucks, higher vision
  • Hitch with a 2″ ball to tow a trailer
  • Free roadside assistance

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