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Do you need to know the weight of your trailer? Whether it’s empty of filled to capacity, you can learn about your trailer’s weight here.

Pretty much every type of trailer on Earth is represented here. You can find the average empty weight and load capacity of each type of trailer, along with the ranges of both empty weights and GVWR (fully loaded) weights.

1. Canoe/Kayak Trailer

Canoe Kayak Trailer
Canoe Kayak Trailer

The average canoe or kayak trailer weighs 200 pounds, though they can weigh anywhere from 100 to 400 pounds. They can usually carry loads of at least 100 pounds, but heavier-duty ones can carry up to 600 pounds. That puts the weight of a loaded trailer somewhere between 200 and 800 pounds.

So, you should be able to load up several kayaks or even a big canoe on one of these trailers, and then tow it with pretty much anything, even a sedan.

2. Jet Ski Trailer

Jet Ski Trailer
Jet Ski Trailer

When a jet ski trailer is empty, it will weigh somewhere between 100 and 500 pounds. The average jet ski trailer is 300 pounds when empty. The weight will vary based on how many jet skis it is designed to carry.

Each jet ski trailer is made to hold a specific number of jet skis, so the weight it can carry will depend on how many jet skis it’s built to hold. The average jet ski trailer has a load capacity of 1500 pounds. A loaded jet ski trailer can weigh anywhere from 800 to 3000 pounds.

3. Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle Trailer
Motorcycle Trailer

A motorcycle, built to tow one or more motorcycles behind another vehicle, will usually weigh around 500 pounds when it’s empty, though a smaller trailer may weigh as little as 300 pounds, and a bigger trailer can weigh as much as 800 pounds.

Like jet ski trailers, motorcycle trailers will vary in weight and weight capacity based on how many motorcycles they’re meant to carry. The average load capacity is 1900 pounds. A trailer that can only carry one motorcycle might weigh 1300 pounds at most when loaded, and a bigger trailer might weigh up to 3500 pounds when it’s filled to capacity.

4. Fishing Boat Trailer

Fishing Boat Trailer
Fishing Boat Trailer

A fishing boat trailer, meant to hold a light boat, will usually weigh around 600 pounds when empty. A smaller trailer might weigh only 200 pounds, and bigger trailers can weigh up to 1100 pounds. Most fishing boat trailers can carry about 2700 pounds.

The length of the trailer and the length of the boat will determine how much the trailer weighs when it’s loaded. If they’re shorter, they may only weigh 900 pounds together. If they’re longer, their combined weight can get up to 6000 pounds.

5. Tow Dolly

The average tow dolly weighs 600 pounds by itself. Depending on how the tow dolly is built, it might weigh as little as 400 pounds or as much as 800 pounds.

Tow dollies are usually made to be used for towing vehicles that way somewhere between 2600 and 4200 pounds, with the 3400 being the average capacity for the tow dolly. That means the combined weight of the tow dolly and the vehicle it’s helping to pull can be anywhere from 3000 pounds to 5000 pounds.

6. Small Open Utility Trailer

An open utility trailer is like the bed of a stake bed truck, but as a trailer so that an SUV can pull it. These trailers vary greatly in size, build, and capacity and small ones that are less than 10 feet long can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1100 pounds.

On average, small open utility trailers weigh about 700 pounds when they’re empty. The average cargo capacity is 1800 pounds, which gives a total of 2500 pounds for the average trailer. Some trailers may only be able to carry 700 pounds for a total weight of 1000, while others may be able to carry a load of about 2000.

7. Small Enclosed Utility Trailer

The weight of enclosed trailers varies even more than that of open trailers. The small ones, 12 feet long or less, average 1000 pounds empty, but can weigh as little as 400 pounds or as much as 1800. A trailer with more axles or that’s made with heavier materials will weigh more than another trailer of similar length.

When loaded to capacity, the average small enclosed trailer could weigh around 2200 pounds. The smallest weighs 2000 pounds, and the largest weighs 7000 pounds at full capacity.

8. Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop Trailer

The weight of a teardrop camper trailer will vary based on the features that are built into the camper. On average, a trailer will weigh about 1700 pounds empty, but its empty weight could be anywhere between 500 and 3200 pounds.

It will be on the heavier side if it has features like a kitchen built in, and it will be much lighter if it’s just a bare-bones camper for keeping the rain off.

Usually, a fully loaded camper will only be able to carry 700 pounds of cargo, for a total weight of 1200 pounds.

9. A-Frame Camper

A-Frame Camper
A-Frame Camper

An A-frame camper will weigh 1700 pounds on average, not counting any cargo. These types of campers can weigh anywhere from 1200 to 2300 pounds when they’re empty, and 2500 to 3600 pounds when they’re loaded to capacity. Most will carry about 1200 pounds of cargo. That’s a lot more cargo space than teardrop campers have.

10. Car Trailer

Car Trailer
Car Trailer

A car trailer will usually weigh about 1900 pounds by itself. If it’s built lighter, it might weigh as little as 1500 pounds. Heavier builds can weigh as much as 2800 pounds.

The load capacity will depend both on the length and the construction of the trailer, but the average capacity is 7100 pounds. A smaller one may have a maximum weight of 6000 pounds when loaded, and a larger one that holds two cars could weigh up to 15000 pounds.

11. Large Boat Trailer

Large Boat Trailer
Large Boat Trailer

A large boat trailer, one that’s made for hauling heavy boats like motorboats and yachts, can vary greatly in weight. The lightest ones weigh 1100 pounds, and the heaviest weigh 4400 pounds. On average, they weigh 2200 pounds, but that doesn’t mean much given how different these trailers can get.

They vary even more in weight capacity. A small one that’s only meant to carry a motorboat might weigh 5400 max when it’s loaded up, but a big one could weigh as much as 34400 pounds when it’s carrying a huge craft. The average capacity is 11400 pounds, but again, that doesn’t mean a lot since the boats they carry vary so greatly.

12. Pop Up Camper

Pop Up Camper

Pop-up campers weigh 2300 pounds on average when unloaded. Depending on the features it’s equipped with, a certain camper might weigh as little as 1400 pounds or as much as 3000 pounds.

The features will also limit the amount of cargo capacity. A fully loaded camper might weigh anywhere from 2700 to 4000 pounds.

The average pop-up camper can carry about 1100 pounds. Like an A-frame camper, it’s a good amount of storage space for a nice camping trip.

13. Large Enclosed Utility Trailer

We Recommend These Size Trailers

Like the smaller enclosed trailers, large enclosed trailers have a lot of variation in weight. These are trailers 12 feet or longer and have a bumper pull coupler. Some weigh as little as 900 pounds when empty, and some weigh as much as 5200 pounds. The average trailer in this category weighs 2700 pounds.

The load capacity varies even more between these trailers. Their maximum total weight when loaded might be anywhere from 3000 pounds to 10000 pounds. 10000 pounds is the maximum GVWR that non-CDL drivers can tow. On average, one of these trailers can carry about 4400 pounds.

14. Small Travel Trailer

Small Travel Trailer
Small Travel Trailer

A small travel trailer can weigh anywhere between 1200 and 3900 pounds when empty, given that it isn’t longer than 22 feet. On average, trailers in this size range weigh about 2800 pounds when empty.

Unlike A-frames and pop-up campers, these trailers don’t tend to have a lot of capacity for extra cargo. The average travel trailer can only carry 800 pounds. One with a stronger build and more axles may be able to carry a maximum of 1400 pounds in cargo.

A fully loaded trailer might weigh anywhere from 1900 pounds to 4500 pounds.

15. Small Horse Trailer

A horse trailer made for no more than two horses weighs 2900 pounds on average, given there’s nothing in it. Trailers of this size range from 2300 to 3900 pounds when empty.

The strongest of these horse trailers can weigh up to 8000 pounds when loaded to capacity. The cargo capacity is usually around 4300 pounds.

16. Large Flatbed Trailer

large trailer flatbed

A large flatbed trailer, generally for hauling equipment and other utility cargo, can weigh as little as 500 pounds or as much as 7700 pounds by itself. The average is 3000 pounds.

They might have a maximum total weight of 2900 pounds, but heavier-duty ones could weigh as much as 26000 pounds when they’re loaded to capacity. That’s not even counting the gooseneck trailers, but we’ll get to those.

17. Dump Trailer

Dump Trailer
Dump Trailer

An empty dump trailer weighs 4500 pounds on average when it’s not loaded, but empty dump trailers can weigh as little as 1100 pounds or as much as 10000 pounds.

Those smaller ones can only carry enough cargo to make bring their total weight up to 3000 pounds. The larger ones might weigh up to 30000 pounds when loaded to capacity. The average dump trailer weighs around 12400 pounds when fully loaded, which gives it a load capacity of about 7900 pounds.

18. Large Travel Trailer

Large Travel Trailer
Large Travel Trailer

An average large travel trailer weighs 6700 pounds when empty. This is any travel trailer that’s bigger than a small travel trailer but smaller than a 5th-wheel camper. The weight varies based on the features the trailer is equipped with and how many axles it has. It may weigh as little as 4500 pounds or as much as 9000 pounds.

The load, including the fluids that make the features work, can bring the trailer’s total weight up to anywhere between 6300 and 10500 pounds. The average one has a load capacity of 1600 pounds.

19. Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer

Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer
Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer

Gooseneck flatbed trailers, made for heavy-duty hauling, can weigh anywhere from 4700 to 10000 pounds when empty. The average trailer weighs 7000 pounds and can carry 16000 pounds of cargo. A gooseneck trailer loaded to capacity could weigh as little as 16000 pounds or as much as 36000 pounds.

20. Large Livestock Trailer

Large Livestock Trailer
Large Livestock Trailer

Large livestock trailers are a lot bigger than the small horse trailers we covered earlier. On average, an empty trailer weighs about 7300 pounds and can carry a load of 11400 pounds.

However, these trailers vary greatly in size and capacity. An empty one may weigh as little as 4200 pounds or as much as 11000 pounds. The smallest might weigh up to 14000 when fully loaded, and the heavy-duty ones can get up to 24000 pounds at capacity.

21. Toy Hauler

A toy hauler can have a variety of purposes, and so they can vary greatly in weight and load capacity. On average, they weigh 7600 pounds and can carry 10000 pounds of cargo.

A lighter one can weigh as little as 3600 pounds when empty, and a heavier one can be as heavy as 11400 pounds. That weight will depend on the features the trailer has, how many axles there are, and how long the trailer is. A fully loaded one may weigh anywhere from 15000 to 22000 pounds.

22. 5th Wheel Camper

5th Wheel Camper

A 5th wheel camper can weigh anywhere from 5000 to 16000 pounds when empty, with the average being 12700 pounds. This sort of camper has the most cargo capacity of any other, with most being able to carry 6000 pounds. That includes the fluids that make the features work, but those aren’t going to put a dent into 6000 pounds any time soon.

Even the lightest-duty 5th wheel camper has a maximum total weight of 17000 pounds, and the heavier duty ones can get up to 20000 pounds when fully loaded.

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