11 Smallest Campers With Bathroom & Toilet

Mini campers are great for couples and small families. It is a great way to have fun and go on adventures but still have the peace that comes with having a sheltered place to sleep, eat, and shower in! Plus, who likes using campground bathrooms? Well, to avoid those campground common areas, here are some small campers that come with a bathroom and toilet!

What You’re Looking For

First things first, you need to understand what you are looking for and what each of these trailers offers. When looking at a camper, you will see that sometimes the shower and toilet are behind the door very close to each other, and other times they will be more distant, in which case there will likely be a sink nearby. For these small 2-4 people campers, you will find that there won’t be a sink in the bathroom, but you will use the kitchen sink. So, don’t be shocked if your bathroom doesn’t have a sink!

There are more things to know before looking at campers. There are some terms that will be used, but they can sound complex if you are new to the camper game. So, here are those terms:

  • Wet Bath: A wet bath means that your shower and toilet are together in a close space, and it all acts as your shower. This means that your toilet can almost act like a seat in your shower, though you should remember to leave the lid closed.
  • Cassette Toilet: This type of toilet uses water to flush, and it stays in a type of container that you can take out and walk over to a dump area or to a spout hook up that typically takes that waste out of RV’s black tank. But, your mini camper will not have a black tank, so you will move the portable container over and dispose of the waste.
  • Dry Toilet: This type of toilet does not use water when flushing and instead uses bags in the toilet. So, when you flush, that bag is taken away, and you are ready to use the toilet again. This does not use a black water tank, making maintenance much easier.

Just so you know, a black tank in RVs is the tank that collects urine and feces, but being that a camper is much smaller than a drivable RV, the cassette toilet makes more sense space-wise. Also, other toilet options in bigger campers and RVs will have different types of toilets that will wet flush with water or dry flush, which collects waste in bags. Some people have a preference, so you can use that knowledge how you will. But, most of the campers below will use a cassette toilet.

1. Little Guy Mini Max

This camper is great for layout, function, size, and most importantly, having a toilet and shower! The Little Guy Mini Max is great for fitting 2-3 people, which is great for a small family or a couple.

This does have a wet bath, so your toilet and shower are combined in the same space. To give you an idea, you can imagine the shower flooring and shower walls continuing around the whole space, so you will have more room to move your arms and hands.

The bathroom is 26.5 inches deep and 41.5 inches wide. We will keep this measurement in mind when comparing it to the other campers below to see which one has the most space, but overall, the Little Guy Mini Max does pretty well!

2. Scamp Trailer Standard

This trailer has a dry flush toilet, which is great for it being a small unit that doesn’t need a black tank. There are a lot of features on this trailer as well, but it does not have an indoor shower. But, you do have an outdoor shower that can be used when you are parked, and it is fully set up.

The Scamp Trailer Standard has a backup camera, an 8ft. awning, a solar panel kit, a generator, and more. You also have lots of space inside because of the smart layout and planning. You will have various entertainment options, and this small trailer can be towed by an SUV/Crossover sized car and above. You have the option to get the upgraded version with the trailer talked about below.

3. Scamp Trailer Deluxe

The Scamp Trailer Deluxe has lots of space for storage with drawers and cabinets, and you have your choice of birch or oak wood inside. This trailer also has a large bed, at least compared to the standard trailer. In the standard trailer, the bed is 44 inches, while the deluxe has a 54-inch bed. The bed in this trailer will comfortably fit multiple people.

This trailer is 13 feet long, which is a great size for those wanting a mini trailer. It can fit your necessities and fit a small family of 2-3 people comfortably. If you have a small family and you want to go on more adventures, or if you have a bigger family, but you want to use a mini camper along with tents for camping, you can get this trailer and be pleased with it.

You will have a fridge, stovetop, and sink, so whatever you want to cook on your trip, you can easily make. Your family will love using this and will appreciate how handy having a private bathroom is! No more sharing those public toilets and showers, as now you can have your own shower and toilet that you can clean regularly.

4. Happy Camper Studio

The Happy Camper Studio is a cute and aesthetically pleasing camper for a couple or a small 3-person family. They planned out the usefulness and storage of the camper by adding storage under the bed and by making the bed convert into 2 benches with a table. So, it can be a sitting area during the day, and at night you can fold it down to sleep on! This means you won’t have to pack extra camping chairs, which is quite nice.


For the bathroom, you have a wet bath. As discussed above, you will have a toilet in your shower. But, this trailer does that a little differently. It has a dry toilet, so it does not need to be hooked up to anything. You can even take the toilet out of the shower area and use the full space of the shower.

Some families like getting a privacy tent for their toilet to use when they put it outside of the bathroom, which is a great idea. You can set up your toilet outside in the privacy tent so that you and your family can still use the toilet while the shower is in use. Very convenient!

5. Go Little Guy Trailer

The Go Little Guy Max is great for your family of 2-3 people. Any couple with a young child can use this sized trailer to have fun outdoors but also have the comfort of being indoors. Going out with a baby or toddler is not an easy feat, so you can imagine how hard camping with children can be. To make that easier, getting a camper like this works great.

You will have all of the space you need, and your fridge will even be able to fit more in it than you think. If you need to store milk in the fridge, then don’t worry because you are covered.

The shower is also nice. You will have an indoor shower and toilet, meaning you have a wet bath. You have a water-flushing toilet, but luckily the toilet and shower both work to conserve your water while using. Unlike the trailer above, you cannot pull this toilet out to give you a bigger shower, but it is still relatively spacious.

6. Air Stream Base Camp

The Air Stream Base Camp is a great small camper. The maximum number of people this trailer can hold is 4, which means a couple with 2 kids can go camping and not be overly crammed together. The kitchen is more spacious, and so is the bathroom. The bathroom has a toilet, shower, and sink! So, no more walking out to the kitchen for washing your hands, as you will instead be using the bathroom.

Something unique about getting this beautiful camper is that you can buy a tent that attaches to it, extend your living space and have more people go camping with you. You can fit a small and medium-sized family or 2 couples so that 4 adults can have a fun getaway weekend together.

7. NuCamp Trailer

The NuCamp trailer functions very well and uses space wisely. The bed is adjustable and can be made into a bench and table or a large bed. The bed can also be split into 2 beds with a small space in the middle. The kitchen has space and can fit your ingredients and other basics for making food on your adventure.

This trailer has a cassette toilet, and it is a wet bath. But, unlike the other toilet and shower combos, this one has a built-in sink behind the toilet. So, it gives you access to your shower needs, and you won’t need to go into the kitchen area to wash your hands.

8. Air Stream Bambi

The Air Stream Bambi is a great camper that fits everything a family could need. You can easily fit a family of 4-5 in it so long as the kids are small because there are 2 beds. There is a larger bed in the back, and there is a bed that converts into 2 benches with a table on the other end of the trailer.

This trailer is great because it not only has a toilet, sink, and shower together but also has an outdoor shower so that you can rise off outside before going into the camper!

9. Escape E14 Hatch

The Escape E14 Hatch is similar to a full-sized RV in its features and layout. It has foldable steps up to the door, and there is a 12-foot awning for shade outside the front door. The bathroom is more spacious than you would think, and it has both a shower and toilet inside.

The benches and table fold into a large bed, so this trailer works great for families of 2-3 people. If you love being in nature, the hatch door is a great feature that you’ll love. You can side cozy in your bed but have the back hatch door open to nature. That way, you can feel like you are enjoying the outdoors, but you are also protected from the elements.

10. 1475 Travel Trailer

The 1475 Travel Trailer is great for couples and small families. It best fits 2 people in it, and it is very nice. The quality is amazing, and the layout is different from any other camper. You have a kitchen along the middle of the trailer, and on the front end, you have a bed. In the middle, you also have the option of having a couch or 2 chairs that are very comfortable. Getting the couch will give you more space to have a young child join the trip as well, so that is something to think about!

Also, at the back of the trailer, you have the bathroom, fridge, and storage. The bathroom has a shower, toilet, and sink/vanity. it fits adults very well, and it functions very well with how the space was planned for.

11. 1575 Travel Trailer

The 1575 Travel Trailer is similar to the trailer above, but it does have unique differences. This trailer has a bed on the front end, next to the door. Then, on the other side of the door, you have the kitchen. At the back, there is a bathroom. Behind the kitchen, the other side has storage and a large sitting and eating area. That area can pop out of the trailer when parked, giving you more space to walk inside.

The bathroom is well spaced out, and although it doesn’t have a sink, it does have a lot of space for the toilet and shower. But, this shower is not a wet bath; rather, there is a small tub and a divider for showering.

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