Lift Gate Rental Truck Cost & Rental Companies

When moving large or heavy objects, such as a bed or piano, it can be good to get a lift gate truck. A lift gate truck is unique in that it does not have a ramp to load but uses a hydraulic piston that allows for the raising and lowering of the gate.

The pricing for renting trucks with lift gates falls between $150 and $1,000 a day. The price can change based on location, the truck’s size, and the rental company. It is always a good idea to check your local rental companies’ quotes and estimates.

With so many different variables, let’s break them down. Make sure to keep reading if you want to know more about the specific costs to rent a truck with a lift gate!

Why a Lift Gate?

Most rental trucks you look at will not have a lift gate. Most come equipped with a ramp or require you to rent a ramp accessory if you wish to have a ramp available.

Both the loading ramp and lift gate have pros and cons. One person’s job may be better suited for the ramp, while another job may benefit from having a lift gate.

The ramp is good for transporting boxes and smaller items, especially when you have dollies available for use. It allows for quick transport and easy loading. But when it comes to larger objects that require multiple people to lift, a lift gate is the easier option (and nicer on your back). Items such as large appliances, pianos, heavy bedframes, and similar items are easier to load using a lift gate.

Types of Lift Gate Trucks for Rent

There are not many options for lift gate truck types. The most unique factor between them is their various sizes and whether or not it is a commercial vehicle.

The smallest trucks equipped with a lift gate are generally no smaller than 16′. But they can get as big as 26′. There are various sizes in between (such as 20′ and 24′), but the sizes vary by company and whether or not the vehicle is for commercial use. Commercial vehicles are generally larger than non-commercial vehicles.

Most lift gate trucks are used for the transportation of boxes and furniture. The most popular use of a non-commercial lift gate truck would be for moving a house. Commercial trucks are generally used to transport products, supplies, or equipment for various jobs and uses.

Available Rental Companies

There are multiple companies that you can rent lift gate trucks from. They can be difficult to track down, as most rental companies prioritize loading ramps over lift gates. Check the details and features listed for each truck, or call the company or rental pick-up location for confirmation.

Home Depot/Penske

Penske Rental

Home Depot itself does not have lift gate trucks available. However, they are partnered with Penske that do have several lift gate trucks available. Their smallest one is 16′ long and can lift 2,500 lbs. on its lift gate. It costs around $200 dollars a day, not including miles. They also have trucks ranging from 16′ to 26′, refrigerated or not, and CDL or not.

You do not have to go to a Home Depot to get a Penske truck, as they have their own warehouses you can pick up from, as well as other partnered locations. Penske offers Commercial and Non-Commercial vehicles equipped with lift gates, giving them a larger variety of options than most other lift gate rental options.

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The budget does have lift gate trucks available for rent, but only for commercial use. Not for personal jobs or projects. The truck is 16′ with a 1,500 lbs. weight limit on the liftgate. The truck can load up to 5,524 lbs. perfect for a 1-bedroom home move.

For personal use, they have the same truck, without the liftgate. It is equipped with a loading ramp.

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Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise offers many box trucks equipped with truck-under lift gates. There are four size options available: 16′, 20′, 24′, and 26′ trucks, respectively. Enterprise is unique in that they only offer non-commercial trucks for rent, meaning you do not need a CDL for any of their vehicles.

Pricing ranges from location to location. For example, in Spokane, Washington, it costs $175 a day and $0.79 per mile for the 16′ truck, while in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it costs $120.01 a day and only $0.25 per mile for the same truck.

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U-Haul (Not Available)

U haul Sign Rentals

U-Haul, despite being one of the biggest rental companies in the country, does not have lift gate rentals available. The reasoning is that they have lower truck beds than most, meaning you do not need to lift as higher. Each truck has a built-in ramp, which can be used for easier loading.

If you are looking for a lift gate truck, in particular, you will be better off looking elsewhere.

Requirements for Lift Gate Rentals

Do you need a specific license to drive a lift gate truck?

Depends on the truck you are renting. Some may require a Commercial Driver’s License. But Penske and Enterprise offer trucks that are not CDL required. Be sure to pay attention to what your state’s laws are for CDLs and if the truck you are looking at is commercial grade.

Another factor is rental requirements. Just like the different prices, each company may differ in what requirements you need. For instance, Penske requires two forms of ID and be at least 18 years old to drive their personal use trucks. But Budget generally has a minimum age of 24 in order to rent, with some state-specific exceptions of 18-23 years old. Enterprise requires a minimum age of 21, proof of insurance, and a form of identification for their rental qualifications.

For whatever company, check the requirements they have for renting. Most truck companies will work with you and your specifications. Make sure to look for the best options and opportunities near you!

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