How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Ferrari? Per Hour, Day, Week?

Sometimes you want to take a supercar like a Ferrari for a spin for a few hours or simply to travel to an event. Instead of buying or leasing a Ferrari, you can rent this supercar for a temporary amount of time and get the full experience without breaking the bank. But how much does it cost?

To rent a Ferrari, it can cost anywhere from $895 and $2995 per day, depending on the model and the rental location. Some supercar rental agencies allow renters to rent a Ferrari with charges by the hour, often with a minimum amount of hours charged, regardless of when it is returned.

To learn more about the various factors that come into play when renting a Ferrari and how much it may cost per hour, day and week, depending on the model, continue reading.

Cost per hour to rent a Ferrari

Cost To Rent A Ferrari

Generally, most supercar rental agencies will charge by the day and not by the hour, so you may have to pay the price of renting for 24 hours even if you only want to drive the Ferrari for a few. Some rental agencies will require you to pay for a minimum of four or five hours, including some that charge by the hour.

The cost per hour can vary by agency and the model of the Ferrari you want to rent, but generally speaking, you can rent a Ferrari in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area for $500 per four-hour allotment.

In New York City, it’s going to cost quite a bit more. You can expect to pay about $700 to rent a Ferrari for every allotted four hours in NYC. Los Angeles, California, is not far off from this, with rental agencies charging $600 per four-hour allotment. These are some of the most popular cities to rent a Ferrari, as car rental agencies in large cities generally have a larger selection of cars that include supercars.

Cost per day to rent a Ferrari

It is generally much easier to rent a Ferrari, or any supercar for that matter, by the day rather than by the hour. This is because most car rental agencies charge per 24-hour time allotment.

Generally speaking, a 24-hour rental of a Ferrari in the United States can range somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500. The precise cost will vary by the Ferrari model and location. To view the average cost for most rental agencies by model and location, check out the following table:

Ferrari ModelCost per day in MIAMI, FLCost per day in NYC, NYCost per day in LOS ANGELES, CACost per day in LAS VEGAS, NV
Ferrari 488 GTB$2,495$2,995$1,999$1,999
Ferrari 458 Spyder$1,495$1,995$1,899$1,299
Ferrari 458 Italia$995$1,595$1,795$1,099
Ferrari California T$1,595$1,795$1,795$1,795
Ferrari California$895$1,200$1,600$1,600

Cost Per Week to Rent a Ferrari

If you want to rent a Ferrari for a week or more, you can get a general estimate of the cost by multiplying the cost of the particular Ferrari model per day for your general location by the number of days you will be renting it. For example, if you want to rent the Ferrari 458 Spyder in Los Angeles for one week, it will cost you approximately $13,293.

Keep in mind that many rental agencies will discount the price if you rent the vehicle for several days in a row. Most rental agencies will also restrict the number of miles you can drive the Ferrari, so this is ideal for weeks in which you will be traveling in short trips per day in that week or for however long you are renting the Ferrari.

Otherwise, if you exceed the maximum amount of miles, you will put the car at higher risk of needing some repairs, and your total rental payment will risk having excess charges.

Supercar Rental Requirements

Every car rental company, whether they are renting out a supercar or your typical commuter car, will require you to provide your driver’s license, your personal contact information, and your car insurance information for their records. Your driver’s license will ensure that you are authorized to drive (and will have your basic identification information). Your car insurance information will be recorded in case of any damage to the vehicle, and your personal contact information will be used to get in contact with you if you exceed your allotted rental time.

You will also need to provide your credit or debit card to pay for the rental. If the total is paid prior to the rental, your card information will be stored securely and electronically in case any additional charges, such as extra allotted mileage or damages, need to be made to your card; otherwise, such things will be taxed when you make your payment after renting.

Many car rental agencies will only rent out supercars to those who are at least 21 years of age, and will therefore require you to provide proof of age, whether that be verified by your driver’s license alone or by providing additional documentation that proves you are at least 21. This is often required because new drivers are more at risk of being irresponsible drivers, oftentimes behind the wheel of a sports car or supercar.

Why Should You Rent a Ferrari?

Renting a Ferrari may be a great choice if you just want to drive in style for a day or two, or even a few hours. It may also help you to decide whether or not you want to make that big purchase to own a Ferrari of your very own and to get a feel of what it’s like to own one. Renting the supercar for a day is better than simply test-driving it because you’re not limited to where you can drive it, and you’ll get more time with the car before making that big purchase decision.

If you’re still not sure if you want to rent a Ferrari or some other sports car, you can take it from Ferrari drivers themselves, who say that driving a Ferrari is a unique experience. The luxury branding of the car shows through in the craftsmanship of the entire Ferrari, from the stitching in the seats, to the design of the center console, to the superior shape of the car and the gorgeous shine of the exterior paint.

The Ferrari also has power like no other supercar, so you’re guaranteed a uniquely fun and exciting experience. With the loud engine to the sleek design and vibrant color, you’re sure to grab the attention of onlookers and make a grand entrance (or exit)!

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