Heavy Duty Dually Pickup Truck Rental

You may be working on a large project that requires you to haul in or maybe haul out a large amount of material. While you could always try and squeeze it into the back of your sedan, it will be simpler just to put it into a truck bed. For a large project, you may want to consider renting a dually pickup truck.

Being specialized vehicles dually, trucks are often rented on a limited basis, starting at $100 a day and going up to $200. Rental payment often includes unlimited mileage but not additional features. Discounts can be obtained through multi-day rentals or promotions through a rental company.

While it might seem complicated to rent a truck, once you have some background information, the process is quite simple. Here is some more information that can help you out as you look to rent a heavy-duty pickup truck.

Heavy Duty Dually Pickup Truck Rental

What You Should Know Before Renting A Dually Pickup

While a dually pickup truck can be a big help to you with your yard project or maybe your construction business, there are still some things that you should prepare for. Here are some things that you should keep in mind as you prepare to rent a dually pickup truck.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is what type of truck you need for your task. There are two main types of dually trucks, 1-ton and 2-ton. 2-ton trucks are much harder to find a rental for, as well as being far more expensive to rent. This means that if you can complete a job using a 1-ton dually truck, you should do so.

Something else to think about is why you are wanting to rent a dually pickup truck. Dually trucks have a couple of positives when compared to a normal pickup. The extra wheels in the back make the load more stable, help to keep the load secure during windy days, and increase the amount of load that you can haul. They are also harder to drive and park, have poorer gas efficiency, and are difficult to handle without a load. If you don’t need the extra load capacity provided by the extra wheel, you may want to stick with a normal pickup truck. With these things in mind, how much does it cost to rent a dually pickup truck?

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dually Pickup

Heavy Duty Dually Pickup Truck Rental

You might think, well, these trucks are nice, but how much will it cost me to rent one? The simplest answer to this is it depends. However, there are some general rules of thumb that you can expect while looking to rent a dually pickup truck.

First, you should expect a price tag of between $100 and $200 per day for a 1-ton dually truck. This is the price range I saw after looking a people’s reviews online as well as on forums. Most rental places will offer a discount on this rate if you rent the truck for several days. The price will include unlimited miles while you are using the truck; you will have to pay for your own gas.

This price does not include additional features like more room in the truck bed, moving materials like mats and gurneys, or larger truck models like 2-ton dually trucks. To determine what your final price will be, you will need to speak with your local truck rental location and determine what the ideal truck for your needs will be that will also fit your budget.

What Are The Best Places To Rent A Dually Pickup Truck

Heavy Duty Dually Pickup Truck Rental

When you need to rent a dually pickup truck, you will need to find a place that has one available for use. There are two different kinds of places where you can find a dually truck to rent. The first is to find one at a large truck rental company. These companies have locations throughout the United States and have large fleets of trucks available. These are great options if you are looking for consistent pricing and a variety of trucks to choose from. It is also a good choice if you want to rent from an established company that has a lot of customer reviews for you to check and a customer service department if you encounter any issues throughout the rental process.

In some research, move.org went through several of the largest moving truck companies. As part of this process, they researched each of the companies, called each company to compare their customer service, looked at hundreds of customer reviews, and looked at the trucks that are offered as part of each of these companies fleets. After they did this, they determined the top five moving truck companies in the US. We will take a quick look at these companies and whether we will be able to rent a dually pickup truck from them.

What are the 5 Top Moving Truck Rental Companies?

According to move.org, the top five companies on this list are Penske, Budget, U-Haul, Enterprise Truck Rental, and Home Depot. Penske sits on top of these rankings with an average customer review score of 4 and a half stars. Enterprise and The Home Depot sitting on the other end, each earning just over 3 stars on their customer reviews.

But from which of these companies can you rent a dually pickup truck? After doing some research on each of these companies and looking at the trucks they have as part of their fleet, I believe I can answer this question. Out of these top 5 rental companies, only one of them, Enterprise Truck Rental, offers rental options for dually trucks. With that in mind, here is some more information about Enterprise specifically.

Which Dually Pickup Trucks can you get from Enterprise?

When looking at the information provided by move.org, Enterprise Truck Rental’s biggest selling point was the variety of truck sizes that they had available for rental. This variety comes through when you consider that they are the only one of these large companies to offer heavy-duty pickups for rental.

However, there is one thing to consider. Enterprise only has 1-ton pickups for rental. If you need a 2-ton dually truck, you will need to find another place to rent it (more about that below). Enterprise offers 1-ton heavy-duty pickups that come with a variety of features. These features include extended cabs, 6 or 8-foot truck beds, as well as double sets of rear wheels, adding power and stability to your large loads.

Where else can you Rent a Dually Truck?

If you want another option to rent a 1-ton dually truck or to find a 2-ton truck, you will have to look for local businesses that are not part of national chains. While there likely is not enough demand for a large company to carry these trucks, depending on where you live might have an increased demand for these heavy-duty trucks.

The price of these trucks will vary more, so make sure to call ahead to the business and make sure they have the trucks you need and what the price will look like if you can look for a business that has been open for several years, as that is an easy reflection of the quality of service they offer.

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