How Much Does Flatbed Rental Truck Cost?

Are you looking for a flatbed rental truck? Are you unsure how to plan financially for the rental truck you require? If you find yourself in this situation, this article can help you understand the typical costs of a flatbed rental truck.

A flatbed rental truck typically costs $100 per day of renting. This amount will change depending on who the flatbed truck is renting from, increasing or decreasing in price. While there are many options of places to rent from, make sure to remember that quality is more important than price.

To learn more about how much a flatbed rental truck costs, keep reading.

Penske: Renting A Flatbed Rental Truck

Flatbed Trucks

Penske is a rental truck company that has enclosed box trucks as well as flatbed trucks that you can rent to move belongings to and from destinations. As far as a flatbed truck rental, they have two options. One option is if you don’t have your CDL license, and the other is if you don’t have your CDL license. Each of these has its pros and cons that we will go over, so you are aware of both.

The CDL license option is available for those who have their CDL license. This truck has a 24 ft. to 26 ft. flatbed and can sustain up to 18,000 pounds in the truck’s bed. The gas mileage is fairly considerable with 13 mpg, which will get you pretty far, especially with that heavy load on the back. This truck also includes adjustable cargo straps that you can use to tie materials down that are more prone to flying off the vehicle. In addition to the cargo straps, the bed also has two side gates and well as an end gate to contain all the materials on the flatbed for extra security.

The non-CDL license option is available to all those who don’t have their CDL license. This truck still includes the 24 ft to 26 ft flatbed on the back of the truck, but the payload is much less at 10,000 pounds taking away almost 8,000 pounds of material you could have had with a CDL license. Besides the payload limit being decreased by 8,000 pounds, most of the features and capabilities of the flatbed rental are the same. The benefit of renting with your CDL license is that you would have more wiggle room to have more weight on your bed, but if you don’t need that, this will work fine.

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Home Depot: Renting A Flatbed Rental Truck

Out of the options we are discussing here, Home Depot is the option that is most geared and well-equipped to provide you with flatbed rental trucks because that is the majority of what the company uses anyway. With that said, if you are using the flatbed rental truck for either construction or other heavy-duty project, Home Depot knows all about that and not only can provide you with the rental truck but also the materials and tips you’ll need to use it for the best of your ability so it can be most effective for you in your project.

At Home Depot, there are two options when you go to rent a flatbed truck. You can choose from either the T250 flatbed truck or the F250 flatbed truck. Unless you know anything about either of these options, you may not know which would be better fitted for your needs, so we will go through both of these to help you be able to determine which option would be better.

Home Depot flat bed truck

T250 flatbed truck

The T250 flatbed truck seats 2: the driver and one passenger. If you only have one other person traveling with you or if you are traveling by yourself, this seating arrangement would work perfectly. The weight capacity that the bed can carry is 3,000 pounds, with the loading bed being 200 cubic feet and the height limit being 29.2 in. The gas mileage is significantly beneficial, especially traveling long distances coming in at 25 mpg. Home Depot charges $19 a day and obviously will add up depending on the number of days you are gone and renting the truck.

F250 flatbed truck

The F250 flatbed truck seats 3: the driver and two passengers. If you are traveling with more than one person, this obviously would be an ideal option to be able to travel all together in the same vehicle. The truck’s weight capacity is the same as the T250, which is 3,000 pounds. The loading bed has a significantly smaller loading space on the flatbed, 77.3 cubic feet, with the height limit being 35.2 in. The gas mileage is a lot higher at 35 mpg, which would probably be the deciding factor between the two rental options if you are traveling a longer distance.

Enterprise: Renting A Flatbed Rental Truck

When renting a flatbed truck from Enterprise, there is only one option. That being said, the option available when renting a flatbed truck from Enterprise is a 2021 Ford F350. The bed on the truck is 9 ft 9 in long, and the width is 96 in. The bed has attachment gates that you can add onto the sides and the back of the bed to add extra security for the load you are transporting, but they are also removable, so if you don’t need them or decide that you don’t want them, then you have the option to do that without having to switch vehicles.

With Enterprise rentals, it is important to understand that all the car rentals they offer, including the flatbed rental we are discussing, are used vehicles and aren’t in pristine condition either mechanically or cosmetically.

While the majority of people aren’t looking for the nicest, newest car with a flatbed to rent, some may be displeased with the condition of the vehicle but should understand that it is being rented often for heavy-duty jobs that take a lot of rugged travel.

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