Ryder Cargo Van Rental: Unlimited Mileage?

Many vehicle rental companies charge a rental rate based on how many miles you put on their cargo vans. If you are looking into renting a cargo van from Ryder, you may be curious whether or not this is true for this company or if they offer unlimited mileage.

Ryder does not offer unlimited mileage for its cargo van rentals. Instead, they charge somewhere between $0.79 and $0.99 per mile added onto the odometer during the weekday or $1.29 per mile on the weekends. Other van rental companies like Penske, however, do offer unlimited mileage.

To learn more about the rates and how-to’s of renting a Ryder Cargo Van, as well as some of the rental companies that do offer unlimited mileage, continue reading!

Ryder Cargo Van Rental Rates

Since Ryder does not offer unlimited mileage, it’s important to know the mileage rates for renting a cargo van from them on top of any other rental fees. The base rental fees include a daily rental rate plus rental insurance. The base rental rate for the Ryder cargo vans is $100 per day or $505 per week, or, for extra luggage space, you could rent a box truck for only $7 more per day or $30 more per week.

Each day that you rent, Ryder will automatically bill you for that day based on the insurance rate you choose. This means that if you rent the van for only a few hours, you’ll have to pay the full 24-hour day rate, and if your return is an hour or two later than the marked return time, you’ll be charged for another 24-hour day.

Rental insurance will cost you $35 per day for premium liability or $26 per day for premium physical damage insurance with a $500 deductible. If you want a more basic insurance rate, you can pay $32 per day for basic liability or $24 per day for basic physical damage coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

On top of this base fee, Ryder will charge you for every mile you drive and will give you an initial quote of your total price before renting. To do so, they will ask you for an approximation of how many days and how many miles you plan to drive the van.

The mileage rate depends on what day of the week it is. If you’re driving on a weekday, you can expect to pay $0.79 to $0.99 per mile, but if you’re driving on a weekend, you can expect a charge of $1.29 per mile. The exact amount per mile will be given to you with your total cost estimation and quote.

How to Rent a Cargo Van from Ryder

To rent a cargo van from Ryder, you’ll need to book it online. Through their website, you’ll first need to open their truck reservation page, then choose “Sprinter Van,” and enter your location and the date you want to rent the van. Once you’ve completed the rental process, you’ll receive an email with an order confirmation and your total price quote.

You should keep in mind that Ryder only offers round-trip rentals, so you’ll have to return your van to the same location you picked it up from, regardless of how far your trip is. Before booking your van rental, be prepared to provide your credit card information for the rental deposit, proof of vehicle insurance, and two separate forms of identification.

Rental Alternatives: Penske Unlimited Mileage

If you’re looking for a rental company that does offer unlimited mileage, Penske is a good option. This is perfect for when you’re looking to move all your belongings long distance or you want to make a bunch of pit stops along the way.

With Penske, you can make a one-way trip with their moving vans, as they don’t require you to drop off your van at the same location that you picked it up from. This way, you can gather all your cargo at your starting location, load them onto the moving van, drive to your destination, unload, then drop off the moving van at the closest Penske location to your destination.

Regardless of how far you drive, the original rate you pay for the van will stay the same, making it the perfect alternative for moves across the state or even across the country. Penske also prides itself in its truck’s maximum fuel efficiency and that its technicians regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on top of its 24/7 roadside assistance offer. With these, you can drive assured that you’ll be able to get to your destination safely without having to stop too often for gas.

Because of all these benefits and the fact that they don’t charge by the mile, you can expect Penske to be much more expensive than Ryder.

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How to Rent a Cargo Can from Penske

To rent a Penske truck or cargo van, you can either walk into a Penske location or schedule a pickup ahead of time to reserve a rental and ensure that you’ll get one when you arrive. You can schedule this pickup online or through the mobile app. You can also rent a Penske truck from a participating Home Depot location.

To find the nearest Penske location or Home Depot that offers Penske rentals, visit the location finder page, then search your city, state, or zip code, and it will direct you to the nearest locations near you. From there, choose the location, then review all the vehicle types they offer. Then you’ll click “Get a Quote” to input all your information and moving plans to get a price estimate and be directed to the vehicle reservation page. Once you’ve reserved your vehicle, open your email confirmation and head to that location to pick up your vehicle.

Other Van Rental Companies That Offer Unlimited Miles

While Penske is the most well-known company that offers van rentals with unlimited mileage, and it has the most locations, several other rental companies offer unlimited miles on their moving vans. These companies include National Car Rental, Thrifty Car Rental, Avis, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Ace Rent-A-Car.

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