How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bentley? Per Hour, Day, Week?

Bentleys are widely recognized as some of the most luxurious and premier cars one can drive. Perhaps you want to leave someone with a particularly stunning first impression, or maybe you want to try your hand at driving one of the nicest cars in the world; either way, you are looking to rent a Bentley. But exactly how much would it cost to do so?

While the price varies depending on model and model year, renting a Bently for a day will typically cost anywhere from $450 to $1500. Renting one for a week can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,500. Rental companies typically do not offer hourly rates for Bentleys.

Since the price of renting a Bentley can vary widely based on the model, you may be interested in learning which models are most costly to rent. You may also wonder how much it costs to rent a Bentley the longer you rent it. This article will explain how much it will cost to rent different Bentley models for various amounts of time.

How much does the cost of renting differ between different Bentleys?

Bentley Car Logo
Bentley Car Logo

Different models and the newness of a Bently can greatly change the price you will be paying to rent them. The variation in cost to rent can be by as much as a few hundred dollars to almost 500 dollars. The following is a list of some of the most commonly available Bentleys and the cost to rent them for various amounts.

Remember that the price can change depending on what city you are trying to rent from (some cities are more expensive than others). In addition to the daily rental price, you will likely also have to put down a significantly large safety deposit before you take out a Bentley for a spin. These deposits are returned if the car is brought back without damage and with the gas tank filled up.

When it comes to weekly rates, not every renter offers specific weekly rates. Some do offer discounts depending on how long you are renting the car. Hertz offers Bentley rentals, but only in the U.K. and France for the most part, and the rates there depend on many factors.

The Flying Spur

The flying spur is the top-of-the-line, ultra-luxury model that Bentley makes. It is designed to be as comfortable and fancy as possible while retaining good performance, with luxurious legroom for those in the backseat and a uniquely designed chassis and power train.

It is a cross between a limo and a sports car in some ways, attempting to blend the best attributes of both. This model is the epitome of Bentley’s signature cross between high-class luxury and high-class performance and is designed to be the pinnacle of grand touring cars.

The Flying Spur costs around $1300 daily and $7,300 to rent for a week.

The Continental GT

Bentley markets the Continental GT as the ultimate grand touring car. In layman’s terms, that means it is designed with a combination of performance and luxury in mind or with the intent of marrying both high speeds and long distances in one smooth driving experience. Designed with both generous luggage storage and powerful engines, this Bentley line is designed for cruising.

The Continental GT costs about $1,495/day at the high end and around $400 at the low end. Weekly prices sit at around $2,700.

The Continental GT Convertible

The Continental GT Convertible is perfect for long drives in tropical weather, such as up and down the coast. It boasts all the same benefits as the normal Continental GT, just with the addition of the ability to put the top down.

The Continental GT Convertible (or GTC) costs anywhere from around $1000-$1400 at a more expensive place and around $600 to $800 from a more inexpensive rental company. The weekly cost is around $3,000 to $4,500.



While most Bentleys are luxury sedans, the Bentayga breaks into the SUV market. Designed to give you similar performance and the same unrivaled detail and design as the other Bentley models but in a bigger package, the Bentayga models can fit as many as 7 people depending on the interior layout, making them a great choice for bigger groups wanting to go out on the town.

A Bentayga costs about $995 to $1150 to rent for one day or as little as $700 from some rental companies. Per week, it costs around $3,920 to rent an older model and around $5,000 for a new model.

Insurance & Other Considerations

Before renting a Bentley for any length of time, it is important to check what your insurance covers in regard to both rental cars and luxury cars. Most insurance policies cover rentals but make sure that there are no special provisions regarding either luxury or rental cars. Insurance is needed even if you are going to rent the car for a day.

In addition to making sure you have sufficient insurance, make sure to check the car before you use it. Checking it for scratches, dings, dents, or anything else that may be missing/wrong with the car is critical because if you document it beforehand, they won’t be able to charge you for damages you didn’t cause when you turn the car back in after your rental time is up.

Finally, check what kind of gas the Bentley you are renting takes. Luxury and performance cars (like Bentleys) often take premium gas, and putting in sub-optimal gas can cause some damage to the car. It is best not to risk it and double-check beforehand, as repairs for cars this expensive are very costly.

Renting vs. Leasing

While renting is most certainly the best choice if you only intend to drive a Bentley for a short period (up to 3 weeks), it can get very costly to rent one continuingly. While it is still expensive, leasing a Bentley can cost much less if you plan to drive one for a month or more. Leasing a Bentley vs. renting one for an entire month and paying daily or weekly rates can save you thousands of dollars depending on who you’re leasing it from and depending on the make and model.

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