How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Bentley?

Bentleys are expensive cars; few people can own them outright off the lot. Bentleys cost over a hundred thousand dollars so how much does it cost to lease one out?

A Bentley costs roughly $3,400 – $5,300 to lease per month. For average Americans, this is the same price of their mortgage or rent, and possibly higher. Bentleys cost $134,000 – $346,000, the cost of used ones. High price tags make for a high lease cost.

So, now that we know how expensive Bentleys are let’s talk about the different years, models, and prices for them all and what leasing one cost.

Features that Make Bentleys Expensive

When you buy a Bently you are not just buying a car; you are buying a luxurious car that is made with the finest materials, and you are buying the look of the brand. It is the quality, the symbol, the name, the looks, and buying it because you can.

Cost To Lease A Bentley
Cost To Lease A Bentley

Getting a Bentley costs the same as a house, so trying to get approved for a mortgage must be similar to getting approved for purchasing a Bentley. But, the difference between a Bentley and a house is that houses tend to grow in value over time, and a Bently declines in value over time. Bentleys decline in value by about 57% over the first 5 years.

Also, it is essential to know what leasing a Bently means. It is unlike a traditional car payment where you own the car and pay back your loan monthly. Instead, it is more like you are renting the car monthly, like renting an apartment. So you can pick out your own Bentley, but instead of needing a loan, you pay monthly.

Bentley Continental Lease Options

This is calculated with a 6.9 APR, a $0 down payment, and calculating the price over 60 months.

YearStarting Lease Payment – 60 MonthsHigher Lease Payment – 60 Months
2023$4,175 – Per Month$6,972 – Per Month
2022$3,694 – Per Month$6,067 – Per Month
2021$4,385 – Per Month
2020$4,306 – Per Month$4,662 – Per Month
2019$3,338 – Per Month
2018$3,496 – Per Month

2023 Bentleys Leasing

The 2023 Bently cost anywhere from $211,325 – $352,920. The Bentley Continental Speed AWD 2D Coupe comes in at the latter cost. This pricing makes for a monthly lease payment of $4,175 – $6,972. This is calculated with a 6.9 APR, a $0 down payment, and calculating the price over 60 months.

This year Bentley has added a racier-looking S trim to the Flying Spur, which wears gloss-black exterior trim, black 22-inch wheels, and bright red brake calipers.

2022 Bentleys Prices and Leasing

The 2022 Bentleys cost $187,000 – $307,000 depending on the make and model. This pricing makes for a monthly lease payment of $3,694 – $6,067. This is calculated with a 6.9 APR, a $0 down payment, and calculating the price over 60 months.

Each of the different Bentley models has amazing engines, and they can even reach about 200 miles per hour. Now, you can’t go that fast even if your car can; there are still speed limit laws. But, maybe if you can afford to rent out a racecar stadium for a day, you can take your cool Bentley out for a fast ride.

2021 Bentleys Cost of Leasing

The average price for a 2021 Bentley is about $222,000, which makes the monthly lease cost about $4,385 (again with 6.9 APR and 60 month period). There are many customizations you can make on this car, but most upgrades can only be done if the car is brand new and they can make those customizations before giving you the car. But, things you can look into changing in a Bentley are the colors.

You can change the color and type of leather seating; you can change the color of the exterior, the paneling colors, the lighting in the car, the flooring, and more. If you can afford such an expensive car, you can likely customize the car to your liking and have it better reflect your personality and aesthetic.

Expensive cars can be customized to your liking, so why not take the brand up on its offer? Pick out the color, pick out the interior, add the features you like, and make it comfortable for you.

2020 Bentleys Leasing

The 2020 Bentley is valued at $218,000 – $236,000 as of 2022. With this price, you can lease a Bentley for $4,306 – $4,662, and depending on the available vehicles in your area and the customizations, as well as the mileage, you can pay more or less than that for it.

If you want to invest in a used Bentley, then a 2020 model would be great. As the years go by, cars from the 2010s will be considered old. They will be viewed as the 1990s or 2000s cars when it was the 2010s. So, getting a 2020 model can help your car resell in the future as we get closer to the 2030s.

2019 Bentleys Price and Leasing

A 2019 Bentley cost about $169,000 in 2022, and as you can see, the prices of these cars declined, but even with the decline, they do not look like they will reach a reasonable price. Well, I guess that’s why they are luxurious cars! If you got a 2019 Bentley for $169,000 in 2022, you should expect to pay $3,338 over the next 60 months.

If you want to have a Bentley and you want good payment, and if you want an engine better for the environment then this model is great. You will have a less expensive monthly cost to lease it, and you can compare it to previous years and see that the 2019 model is preferred over previous models.

2018 Bentleys Leasing Cost

There are many Bentleys in the world, so if you want a used 2018 Bentley then expect to pay about $177,000. Or, expect to pay $3,496 a month for 60 months to lease it. There are a lot of great features in the 2018 Bentley model. The interior is hand-crafted, and there is overall a lot of hard work put into the design of the car.

The 2018 Bentley was initially sold for $241,000 which does mean the price has dropped a good amount for those wanting to purchase it used. The car has a lot of variations that the original owners could choose from, so if you are shopping around then look at your options because someone could have customized it the way you would like. Many safety features are great for keeping you safe.

Many advances are included in this model that is not too different than what is offered currently in 2022. So even though it is a 2010s model, it is still current!

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