Do You Need CDL For UPS Trucks?

Before applying to drive for UPS, it is important that an individual discovers whether or not it is required that they have their CDL or commercial driver’s license in order to drive UPS trucks. There are different types of trucks driven at UPS, and these different types of vehicles have different qualifications required to drive. So, do you need a commercial driver’s license to drive UPS trucks?

UPS requires their drivers to have a valid CDL for driving larger vehicles. UPS expects tractor-trailer truck drivers and freight drivers to have valid commercial driver’s licenses. Individuals interested in driving for UPS delivery only need a valid driver’s license.

There is a lot of information that can be beneficial for an individual interested in driving UPS trucks to learn. This information allows individuals to make an educated decision on whether or not UPS plays a role in their career path. After conducting research about the requirements for driving various UPS trucks, the following information has been compiled below to help an individual make an educated decision about their future career.

Requirements for Being a UPS Delivery Driver

Before deciding to be a delivery driver for UPS, it is important to learn what the requirements of this position are. Like any job that requires operating a vehicle, individuals interested in being delivery drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

In addition to a valid driver’s license, other requirements help UPS ensure their drivers are capable of safely operating their delivery trucks or vans. Individuals interested in this position must be of at least twenty-one years old with a high school diploma.

UPS must employ drivers who have a good track record when it comes to driving. This means that a potential UPS driver cannot have any DUI or DWI in the past three years. This allows individuals who have made mistakes in the past the opportunity to turn their lives around and pursue a career as a delivery driver while still ensuring UPS is not going to be liable for any accidents occurring.

It is crucial that all individuals employed by UPS as drivers are safe drivers. This means that in addition to the previously mentioned requirements, these drivers must not have had their license suspended in the past three years.

What Does Delivery Driver Entail?

Delivery drivers can be seen delivering packages locally. The vehicles used by these drivers are either a van or a truck. Both of these being normal-sized vehicles is why a CDL is not required for this position.

Individuals interested in this position need to be able to lift up to seventy pounds to ensure they can deliver even heavy packages.

Requirements for Driving UPS Tractor-Trailer Trucks

In addition to all the requirements required to be a delivery driver for UPS, individuals interested in driving UPS tractor-trailer trucks are required to have their commercial driver’s license. This ensures that these individuals are qualified to be operating larger vehicles.

These individuals are required to be able to pass the DOT physical. This ensures that the driver is in a healthy physical state, which can allow them to drive for an extended period.

Future UPS tractor-trailer truck drivers are required to work a flexible schedule. Rather than having a structured schedule, these drivers often change shifts depending on the week.

What Does Tractor-Trailer Driver Entail?

This position includes driving a tractor-trailer as a part of a sleeper team. This means that these drivers are available to work both days, nights, and weekends because their schedule changes frequently.

These drivers transport packages further than just locally. This allows packages to get from one disruption center to another within the same state.

Requirements for Being a UPS Freight Driver

Similar to the requirements of a delivery driver and a tractor-trailer truck driver, Freight drivers must have a clean driving record. This ensures that UPS will not be liable for any accidents because they are employing careful and safe drivers. In addition to these, other qualifications help UPS employ only the best as their freight drivers.

Like tractor-trailer drivers, freight drivers must have their commercial driver’s licenses. This ensures that these individuals are capable and qualified to operate large vehicles. In addition to their CDL, drivers must have a HazMat endorsement.

Freight drives have to pass the DOT physical to ensure they are physically fit to be on the road for an extended period, but they also have to pass the UPS driving test to ensure they meet the UPS standards of excellent drivers.

What Does Freight Driver Entail?

Many tasks are part of working as a freight driver at UPS. This includes not only transporting large amounts of packages from one location to the next, specifically from state to state, but it also includes things like helping to unload the trucks.

Like tractor-trailer drivers, freight drivers are a part of a sleeper team. This means that their schedule fluctuates between nights, days, and even sometimes on the weekends.

Suggestions for Individuals Interesting in Driving for UPS

Many individuals currently working at UPS have discovered that it is more likely for UPS to hire individuals who work in their warehouses loading the trucks to be drivers than individuals who have no experience working with the company. Current employees encourage individuals who are interested to start working at UPS in whatever capacity is currently available rather than waiting for a driver position to open up and hoping to be able to get it.

During the holiday season, UPS begins hiring for many different positions. This is when many of the current employees suggest applying to work for UPS. While some of these positions are seasonal, there are often offers for full-time or part-time positions after the holiday season ends. This allows many individuals interested in working for UPS the opportunity to get some experience with the company before trying to apply for a position as a driver.

We hope this article answered your questions, and we wish you the best of luck in driving UPS Trucks!

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