Budget Truck Rental: What You Need To Know Before Renting

When moving, it can be a tedious and annoying process to endure, expending time, effort, and unnecessary resources. However, this does not need to be the case. With companies like Budget Truck Rental, you will be offered an opportunity to reduce all the time, effort, and resources wasted and more time on what matters: moving. Let’s talk about this company.

Budget Truck Rental is a truck rental company that offers truck and service options. Moving trucks are the most popular types to rent. Other trucks can be used for moving or recreational purposes. The renting process is quick and easy, and anyone can rent a truck and its services are offered.

Budget Truck Rental is a company that you can’t argue with and will reliably provide the necessary resources to make your move as quick and easy as possible. In this article, we will explore more about what this company is all about and address the types of trucks and services available to the customer. Let’s dive right into understanding what Budget Truck Rental is about.

What Is a Budget Truck Rental?

Budget Truck Rental is the second-largest truck rental company just behind U-Haul which is arguably the largest in the states and perhaps the world. Much like their U-Haul competitors, they employ excellent services for moving purposes whether local or cross country, and provide other transportation services as desired by the customer.

Since they are a large, well-known company, they receive contracts from major car companies to develop and manufacture its trucks for usage. Companies such as General Motors Truck Company (GMC), Ford, and Isuzu are responsible for providing Budget Truck Rental with all their trucks and utilities. As you can see, both American and Japanese companies are mingled together for a variety of truck quality and build for anyone to utilize.

Speaking of truck varieties in quality and builds, Budget Truck Rental offers a plethora of vehicles, not just moving trucks, for use. Starting with moving trucks there are four kinds: cargo, 12-, 16-, and 26-foot. With all other vehicles, Budget Truck Rental offers rental options for Jeeps, and both mid- and full-size pickup trucks. We will address these vehicle types more later.

Budget Truck Rental is your go-to option in renting any truck-based vehicle for your short- and long-term moving process. They are a large company meaning they are a reputable option that provides incredible services and quality. Finally, Budget Truck Rental is easily accessible for anyone needing to rent out a truck from their depots in a quick and easy fashion with minimal hassle.

Services Offered by Budget Truck Rental

Now that we have briefly explained what Budget Truck Rental is, let’s go ahead and talk about the services they offer and what each entails.

Tow Equipment

First, Budget Truck Rental offers anyone to use any of their tow equipment. This means that any towing equipment such as a tow dolly, car carriers, or trailers, and insurance protection for this equipment may be attained if desired. With tow dollies, one may tow any lightweight (about 3,000-4,000 lbs.) vehicle for short distances, limiting the towed vehicle’s fuel and mile. Tow dollies are great options if you need another vehicle in another location in a short and quick fashion.

Car Trailers

Car carriers/trailers are like dollies however can hold a larger weight capacity, therefore, providing more vehicle options to tows such as trucks and SUVs. Lastly, the insurance provided by Budget Truck Rental called, Auto Tow Protection, allows those who use both a rental truck and tow equipment at the same time to be protected in case anything happens.

Pick-up Truck Options

Second, Budget Truck Rental offers pick-up truck options. As we have stated earlier, Budget Truck Rental has a variety of both mid- and full-size pickup trucks. The only primary differences between the mid- and full-size pickups are the compactness. Mid-size trucks can pack a punch regarding power and functionality as their full-size counterparts but with reduced cargo space.

Loading & Unloading

Third, both loading and unloading assistance is available for anybody who is incapable of loading or unloading the cargo load themselves and may require assistance. This can be prevalent for those who suffer from any physical disability and cannot handle frequent lifting and moving, especially heavy items in need of moving. This is also prevalent if the one moving is an older individual or group. Having access to assisted loading and unloading will save anyone’s time, effort, and hassle at additional costs.


Lastly, Budget Truck Rental offers a plethora of accessories one may use in conjunction with renting a truck and/or towing. Accessories can range from simple packing boxes and bubble wraps to ropes and hydraulic lifts. These accessories will come at a cost, and it will depend on what the purpose of these items will be. Overall, the accessories available are plenty and will be handy to utilize if need be.

Budget Truck Rental Options

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Returning to the rental vehicles, we have stated that Budget Truck Rental offers four kinds of moving trucks along with three other trucks: Jeeps, and mid- and full-size pickup trucks. With this segment, let’s go more in-depth on the types of trucks offered and their potential functionality and purpose.

As we may be more concerned with moving trucks, let’s start there.

As stated earlier, four kinds exist cargo vans, 12-foot, 16-foot, and 26-foot. These moving trucks will be your go-to vehicle for moving entire rooms, apartments, and homes. Everything you own will most likely be gathered in one of these for maximum moving potential. Moving trucks are an option for maximizing cargo and minimizing travel, effort, and time. Just like the differences between the pickup truck types, the size of the moving trucks will depend on the individual and their perceived cargo load. Regardless of the size each moving truck operates effectively in any condition and is all similar in their power and functionality.

Budget offers four types of cargo:

Truck OptionsSeatingPayload WeightBoxes (Up To)Towing Capable
Cargo Van2 Seats3,550 lbs40 Medium BoxesNo
12′ Small Truck2 Seats3,610 lbs120 Medium BoxesNo
16′ Medium Truck2 Seats4,460 lbs250 Medium BoxesYes
26′ Large Truck3 Seats10,000 lbs500 Medium BoxesYes

Shifting back over to the pickup trucks plenty of models are manufactured for both the mid- and full-size versions. For a mid-size option, Budget Truck Rental offers Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler, Nissan Frontier, and Ford Ranger to name a few. With full-size pickups, your options are Ram Rebel; Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350; Ram 1500; Chevrolet Silverado; Nissan Titan; and Toyota Tundra. Each one of these trucks is an excellent option when needing something extra to move cargo or tow another vehicle. These are a workhorse for additional moving value.

Finally, we have the jeeps. We have already made mention of the Jeep Wrangler when briefly discussing the pickup trucks as it can be considered one according to Budget Truck Rental’s website. In contrast to pickup trucks and moving trucks, the Jeep Wrangler’s primary purpose is for recreational use such as outdoor exploration. It is the perfect option for anyone looking to have a little fun temporarily therefore the Jeep is a great option when not concerned with any moving responsibilities.

How to Rent a Truck From Budget Truck Rental

Rent a Truck From Budget Truck Rental

Now that we have addressed what Budget Truck Rental is and what vehicles and services they provide and excel in, let’s now figure out how one goes about renting out one of their vehicles and its process.

When it comes to renting a vehicle, it will also depend on the purpose the vehicle is being used for and how long the rental will be. For general requirements, two forms of valid identification will be required at the time of reservation such as a driver’s license. You will also need to fill out the appropriate form for whatever truck you decide to rent out according to Budget Truck Rental’s website and criteria such as what truck you desire to rent, how long it will be rented out, and what other accessories or towing equipment you would like to add.

During the reservation, you must also provide a credit card to reserve the desired truck as well as use it for the $150 deposit for any damages incurred on the vehicle and/or the additional equipment. Lastly, make sure you can pick up your truck on time, or else the reservation may be removed due to being late or not calling ahead.

The base reservation process is nothing complicated only if you know when and what you want and with proper identification and payment. Renting out a truck is quick and easy with minimal hassle.

Budget Truck Rental Truck Prices

Budget rental truck prices
Budget rental truck prices

Now knowing that the reservation and renting process is not as complicated as you would expect, we need to discuss some base prices to get an idea of what charges will be implemented when renting out a truck from Budget Truck Rental.

First and foremost, we need to be aware that renting out the truck will cost more than what you are already paying per mile driven. Other costs will depend on vehicle size and weight, whether you exceed the expected travel time, and any additional charges that involve a protection plan, tow equipment, and accessories. Here, let’s briefly discuss the price per mile that would require paying for some of the moving trucks.

Starting with the Cargo Van, the fuel efficiency is 8-14 miles per gallon and will cost $19.99 per day and 0.49 cents per mile. For the small 12-foot moving trucks, the fuel efficiency is around 8 to 12 miles per gallon and will cost around $19.99 per day plus 0.49 cents per mile. Next, a 16-foot truck’s fuel efficiency is about 6 to 10 miles per gallon, taking about $29.99 per day and 0.89 cents per mile out of your pocket. Lastly, a 26-foot truck has a fuel efficiency of around 8 to 10 miles per gallon resulting in $39.99 per day and 0.99 cents per mile. These are the base prices for a moving truck along with any additional mileages or days accumulated with notice in which an extra charge of $80 per day and $0.80 per mile will be required and are nonrefundable. Without notice raises both these extra days and miles up to $100 per day and $1 per mile.

Budget Truck Fuel Efficiency & Prices:

Truck OptionsGas Tank SizeMPGPer Day PricePer Mile Price
Cargo Van25 Gallons8-14$19.990.49¢
12′ Small Truck35 Gallons8-12$19.990.49¢
16′ Medium Truck33 Gallons6-10$29.990.89¢
26′ Medium Truck50 Gallons8-10$39.990.99¢

In total, an average rental price per day is roughly around $80-$1,500 for all vehicles offered. This means that both moving trucks and all other vehicles such as pickups and jeeps will be within this range. Specific prices for these other vehicles other than the moving trucks will be determined by size, model, brand, and others. Again, these prices do not include any additional application fees, extra days and miles, and any damages.

Discounts From Budget Truck Rental

To conclude this article, we will now address any discounts that Budget Truck Rental offers. Note, this will not include all types of discounts such as discount opportunities and/or codes with expiration dates, and will not apply by the time this article is published, however, will primarily focus on the most featured ones that are applicable at any time.

There are currently five discount opportunities that those with specific circumstances may consider. First, if you are or were a US military personnel, you are granted a 20% discount on rentals. Second, if you are a retiree and part of the AARP, you will be granted a 20% discount from Sundays to Thursdays and a 10% discount for Fridays and Saturdays.

Third, for those who are part of the police, and fire force, 20% discounts will be granted for local moves while 15% will be applied for one-ways. Fourth, for Motor Club members, the discounts for local and one-way moves are the same as with the previous discount for the police and fire force. Finally, those who are currently enrolled in any college and university will be offered the same discount as the police and fire force, and Motor Club members.

These five discounts will be a lifesaver for anyone who is any one of these.

Overall, Budget Truck Rental is there to serve you as an effective and reputable truck rental company with many locations across nationally and internationally. Providing a plethora of vehicles and services, there is something for everyone. Opportunities to use their service are accessible no matter where you go. Budget Truck Rental is fair with its policies and prices resulting in top-class customer service and discount opportunities. Budget Truck Rental is your next stop for moving and recreational satisfaction.

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