Box Truck Power Liftgate Installation Cost

Truck owners use the bed of their trucks to transport various items. These items can vary in size and weight, which can make it challenging for some individuals to get them into the bed of the truck. How much would it cost to install a liftgate on a truck?

The cheapest option for installing a liftgate, also known as a tail lift, costs a truck owner around $2000. The addition of a liftgate can save individuals who haul large cargo frequently money. There are different sizes and models of liftgates, which can cause the price to vary.

It can be difficult to figure out which liftgate model or size is the best fit for a specific model of truck. It can be overwhelming for individuals who are not familiar with the installation process of a liftgate to start the process of having one installed. After conducting research, the following information has been compiled below to help individuals wanting to install a liftgate on their truck.

Price of Installing a Liftgate

There are a few factors that can cause the price of installing a liftgate or a tail lift to vary. The cheapest option for this addition is around $2000. This allows a truck owner to easily load heavy cargo into the bed of their truck. However, the cheapest option for the installation of a liftgate is the smallest size and not the newest model.

The larger-sized and newer model of a liftgate is available for installation at a higher cost. These models and sizes can cost anywhere between $2000 and $7000.

An individual interested in installing a liftgate onto their truck can call a few different companies to get an estimate on the cost of installing whichever liftgate they are interested in on their specific model of truck. Getting this estimation can allow an individual to budget in a way that allows them to afford this installation.

What is a Liftgate?

A liftgate is an addition that can be added to a truck to be beneficial for individuals who haul large amounts of cargo. Liftgates, sometimes referred to as tail lifts, have the main purpose of making loading and unloading cargo an easier process.

The liftgate is located at the back bumper of a truck. This allows users to easily access the back of the truck and use the lift when loading items into the truck. The location of the liftgate allows it to easily stay out of the way. This makes it possible for an individual to use the tailgate without getting in the way.

Liftgates are commonly seen on moving and delivery trucks rather than normal pickup trucks. However, some models are compatible with pickup trucks. These are included on larger trucks such as cargo trucks and freight trucks as a result of the heavy cargo being transported in these vehicles. These lifts allow the cargo to be easily loaded into the back of these larger vehicles without the individual loading the truck hurting themselves.

Different Models of Liftgate

There are three common models of liftgates that can be installed on a truck. Each of these models can come in a different size which can determine how much weight can be lifted by the liftgate.

1) Tuck-Under Lift Gates

The tuck-under liftgate is one of the common models of tailgates installed onto trucks. This model is specifically designed to be out of sight when not being used. As suggested in the name of this model, this tail lift can be tucked underneath the bed of the truck when an individual is not using it to load large cargo. This tail lift has a slight slant which can be beneficial for loading certain types of cargo.

2) Cantilever Lift Gates

The second model commonly installed on a truck is a cantilever liftgate. This model has no folding or unfolding required, which makes it easy for individuals to use easily.

The cantilever liftgate is remote-controlled, which can make lifting cargo into the bed of a truck extremely simple and hassle-free. Unlike the tuck-under liftgate, this model can remain completely level throughout any terrain. This can be beneficial when loading various-sized cargo.

3) Rail-Lift Gates

The third commonly installed liftgate model is called the rail liftgate. When not being used, this liftgate rests against the body of the truck. This tail lift offers the stability needed for easily loading and unloading heavy loads. The shape of this liftgate makes this model perfect for when an individual needs to move bulky items.

Ways to Use a Liftgate Without Installing One

For some individuals interested in installing a tailgate on their truck, it is not something they can fit into their budget. But various companies allow individuals to rent a truck with a tailgate. This can allow individuals to easily load heavy and bulky cargo when needed for a much cheaper price.

Before an individual decides which company to rent one of these trucks from, it can be helpful for them to learn which type of lift could be most beneficial for their specific situation.

These trucks can be rented through most moving companies. This allows there to be various options throughout the United States. This provides individuals needing a liftgate option that will allow them to find the cheapest option.

Is a Liftgate Necessary to be Installed on a Truck?

A liftgate is not necessary on every truck. Some truck owners do not often use their trucks to transport large amounts of cargo. These individuals would not use a liftgate enough to make it worth the cost of installation. If an individual is not frequently using their liftgate, it can often be an unnecessarily expensive purchase.

If an individual is frequently loading large amounts of cargo into their truck, installing a liftgate might be a beneficial decision. It can allow these individuals to lug large loads of cargo with ease.

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